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Solve the Outbreak is a fascinating peek into the work that real-life Disease Detectives do every day to keep us safe.

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CDC has a number of mobile apps available on a variety of platforms, iOS and Android. Download CDC’s free mobile apps to your device today.

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anticoagulation manager

Anticoagulation Manager
The Anticoagulation Manager is a resource for clinicians that will guide them to utilize the appropriate laboratory testing and administer the appropriate anticoagulant drug in the correct dosage and at the right frequency to patients. Download from the iTunes App Store today!

Photo: CDC BAM! Dining Decisions

BAM! Dining Decisions
Learn to make smart food choices with Kendra from CDC’s BAM! Body and Mind. In each level you’ll sort foods coming down a conveyor belt into three categories: Go, Slow, or Whoa. Earn points for putting foods into the correct category. Download from the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store today!

Cause of Death Quick Reference Guide

Cause of Death Quick Reference Guide
This quick guide application is designed to acquaint physicians, medical students, and others with the vital registration system in the United States and to provide instructions for completing death certificates. Emphasis is directed toward the certification of medical information, the primary responsibility of the physician, and a critical piece of information on the death certificate. Download from the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store today!

cdc dental check app image

CDC DentalCheck
CDC’s DentalCheck app is developed directly from the Infection Prevention Checklist for Dental Settings. Dental health care personnel can use this app to periodically assess practices in their facility and ensure they are meeting the minimum expectations for safe care. Download from the iTunes App Store or Google Play today!


CDC HEADS UP Concussion and Helmet Safety app
The CDC HEADS UP Concussion and Helmet Safety app will help you learn how to spot a possible concussion and what to do if you think your child or teen has a concussion or other serious brain injury. The application also includes a 3D helmet fit feature that teaches about proper helmet fit, safety and care. Download from the iTunes App Store or Google Play today!

CDC Heads Up Rocket Blades: The Brain Safety Game

CDC Heads Up Rocket Blades: The Brain Safety Game
CDC HEADS UP Rocket Blades is first-ever, mobile game app developed by the CDC, that teaches concussion safety to children ages 6 to 8. Through a futuristic world of galactic racing adventures, the game aims to help children learn the benefits of playing it safe and smart! Download from the iTunes App Store or Google Play today!

CDC Mobile App

CDC Mobile Application (Main Agency App)
Enjoy a variety of health information including health articles, popular journals, timely updates, and videos. Download from the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store today!

CDC Toolbox Talks

CDC Toolbox Talks
The purpose of these Toolbox Talks is to provide information related to workplace hazards and risks to workers at Stone, Sand, Gravel, and Aggregates (SSGA) operations.  This information can be used to increase workers’ health and safety. Download from Google Play today!

Contraception: US MEC US SPR

CDC’s contraception guidelines for healthcare providers, U.S. Medical Eligibility Criteria for Contraceptive Use and U.S. Selected Practice Recommendations for Contraceptive Use, provide evidence-based recommendations for safe use of contraception.  The app is developed directly from the CDC Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) by the Division of Reproductive Health and covers more than 60 characteristics or medical conditions and numerous clinical situations. Health care providers can use this app when they counsel individuals about contraceptive method choice and use. Download from the iTunes App Store or Google Play today!

ebola icon

Ebola Exposure Calculator
This app estimates when a person with Ebola was exposed to the virus. Knowing when someone was exposed to Ebola is essential to establish chains of transmission. CDC in collaboration with the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory designed the app for field staff with variable levels of education and knowledge of the natural disease progression of Ebola. The calculator only requires knowledge of the symptoms and date of reported onset of disease. The app is available in French and English. Download from the iTunes App Store or Google Play today. Please use password “ebola” (no quotation marks) to access full app functionality on iOS.

Epi Info TM

Epi Info™
Epi Info™ mobile apps bring many of the features of Epi Info™ for Windows onto Android and iOS mobile platforms. Epidemiologists can calculate sample sizes, collect data, and perform analysis using their smartphones or tablets to investigate outbreaks, respond to emergencies, or conduct public health research in locations lacking IT infrastructure. Download from the iTunes App Store or Google Play today!

Epi Info™ Vector Surveillance

Epi Info™ Vector Surveillance
The app allows mosquito surveillance and control personnel to enter mosquito surveillance data directly into a mobile device while they are in the field. Upon the device’s detection of a connection (Wi-Fi or mobile network), the data sync to a cloud- or server-based master database, (selected and/or created by users), and are uploaded immediately to an analysis dashboard. The dashboard automatically calculates a wide range of standard mosquito indices, provides various sampling maps, and presents the user with graphical representations of trends, all of which can be filtered by dates and locations of interest.  Download from Google Play today!

ErgoMine app

ErgoMine provides ergonomics audits for three types of operations in the mining industry (bagging operations, maintenance and repair operations, and haul truck operations). Based on responses to the audit questions, ErgoMine provides recommendations when there is an opportunity for ergonomics improvement. Download from the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store today!

Field Facts

Field Facts
Field Facts gives first-responders crucial information to use in the first few moments and hours of a response to a potential bioterrorism incident. Access descriptions of safety measures and protective clothing to protect yourself from exposure. Learn how to recognize signs and symptoms of disease associated with eight potential bioterrorism agents. And find additional expert help quickly with the contact details for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Emergency Operations Center, FBI Field Offices, and state public health laboratories. Download from the iTunes App Store or Google Play today!


The Federal Select Agent Program Laboratory Examination Tool (FSAP-LET) was designed to provide laboratory managers and biosafety personnel with a tool to assist with performing internal laboratory inspections. The tool contains checklists that are based on federal regulations and biosafety standards used by Federal Select Agent Program (FSAP) inspectors. The checklists cover a variety of areas such as biosafety, security, training, and incident response. Download from the iTunes App Store or Google Play today!

Health IQ App

Health IQ App
Challenge your Health IQ in this fun and educational health trivia app. Choose from three levels of difficulty, Easy, Medium, or Hard…or be surprised by selecting a Random mix. Race against the clock to earn more points or use hints when you are stumped. Play again and again and challenge yourself to beat your highest score!! Download from the iTunes App Store or GooglePlay today!

Homecare Safety

Homecare Safety
The Caring for Yourself While Caring for Others Homecare Safety app serves as an electronic resource for trainers in delivering a free online seven-module safety and health training for homecare workers. This tool includes course preparation tips, lesson plans, supplies checklists, links to free course materials including slide presentations and participant handouts, and detailed delivery instructions for each of seven safety and health modules. Designed to be flexible, trainers may choose to deliver the entire seven modules of the curriculum or select individual modules to supplement existing training programs. Download from the iTunes App Store or Google Play today!

NIOSH Ladder Safety application

Ladder Safety
The NIOSH Ladder Safety application features a multimodal indicator, which uses visual and sound signals to assist the user in positioning an extension ladder at an optimal angle. Furthermore, the application provides graphic-oriented interactive reference materials, safety guidelines and checklists for extension ladder selection, inspection, accessorizing, and use. Download from the iTunes App Store, or Google today!

MFHP: Cancer

MFHP: Cancer
Use the app to collect your family history of cancer and determine your risk for breast, ovarian and/or colorectal cancer. You can view your risk factors and learn about what to do next. You will also be able to see your family’s history of cancer in a family tree. Download from the iTunes App Store or Google Play today!

NIOSH Ladder Safety application

Milestone Tracker
Track your child’s milestones from age 2 months to 5 years with CDC’s easy-to-use illustrated checklists; get tips from CDC for encouraging your child’s development; and find out what to do if you are ever concerned about how your child is developing. Download from the iTunes App Store or Google Play today!

NIOSH Pocket Guide

NIOSH Mobile Pocket Guide
The NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards (mNPG) is a useful resource for workers, employers, and occupational safety and health professionals.  The mNPG is a database of workplace chemical information including exposure limits, chemical/physical properties, personal protective equipment, respirators, and first aid. The mNPG is customizable and easy to use.  Download from the iTunes App Store or Google Play today!


To assist healthcare and non-healthcare facilities (e.g., correctional facilities) in planning and optimizing the use of PPE resources for the response to coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), CDC has developed the NIOSH Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Tracker. This tool can be used for planning PPE use outside the context of COVID-19, where PPE shortages may also occur due to supply chain issues related to the COVID-19 response (e.g., manufacturing facilities). Download from the iTunes App Store or Google Play today!


NLE Calc
The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) Lifting Equation mobile application, NLE Calc, is a tool to calculate the overall risk index for single and multiple manual lifting tasks. This application provides risk estimates to help evaluate lifting tasks and reduce the incidence of low back injuries in workers. Download from the iTunes App Store or Google Play today!

iPhone displaying heat index

OSHA-NIOSH Heat Safety Tool
The OSHA-NIOSH Heat Safety Tool is a useful resource for planning outdoor work activities based on how hot it feels throughout the day. Featuring real-time heat index and hourly forecasts, specific to your location, as well as occupational safety and health recommendations from OSHA and NIOSH. Download from the iTunes App Store or Google Play today!

PneumoRecs VaxAdvisor

PneumoRecs VaxAdvisor
The interactive PneumoRecs VaxAdvisor mobile app helps vaccination providers quickly and easily determine which pneumococcal vaccines a patient needs and when. Download from the iTunes App Store and GooglePlay today!

POD Assist

POD Assist
The POD Assist Mobile Application allows for dispensing medical countermeasures such as drugs, medical devices, vaccines, and other life-saving medications. The app allows POD staff to scan the barcode of the countermeasure being dispensed to rapidly collect the lot number. Once this information has been collected, the data is sent to POD Assist and the POD staff can continue the process of scanning barcodes and dispensing countermeasures for individuals at a POD. Download from the iTunes App Store and GooglePlay today!

Group B Strep application

Prevent Group B Strep (GBS)
Obstetric and neonatal providers— prevent and manage group B strep in newborns with patient-specific guidance that is consistent with the 2010 Guidelines for the Prevention of Perinatal GBS Disease. Download from the iTunes App Store and GooglePlay today!

CDC Solve the Outbreak Application

Solve the Outbreak
This application will allow you to interact with and solve a disease outbreak. You will think like an officer in the Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS). Download from the iTunes App Store or Google Play today!

STI Treatment Guide

STI Treatment Guide
The STI Treatment (Tx) Guide app is an easy-to-use reference that helps health care providers identify and treat patients for STIs. STI Tx Guide combines information from the STI Treatment Guidelines as well as MMWR updates and features a streamlined interface so providers can access treatment and diagnostic information. Download from the iTunes App Store or Google Play today!

Photo: CDC Vaccine Schedules App

Vaccine Schedules
Access up-to-date CDC recommended immunization schedules and footnotes. Designed for healthcare professionals recommending or administering vaccines, the free tool shows timing and dosing specifics for child, adolescent, and adult vaccines. Download from the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store today!