Board of Scientific Counselors, Deputy Director for Infectious Diseases (DDID)

The Board of Scientific Counselors (BSC), DDID, is one of CDC’s federal advisory committees, which work to achieve stakeholder and public engagement in CDC’s efforts and commitment to improve people’s health.

The BSC, DDID, advises the Secretary, Department of Health and Human Services; the Director, CDC; the CDC Deputy Director for Infectious Diseases; and the Directors of CDC’s three infectious disease national centers concerning strategies, goals, and priorities for the programs and research within the national centers and monitors the overall strategic direction and focus of DDID and the national centers.

The board consists of 17 members, including the chair; 4 ex officio members from federal agencies; and 7 liaison representatives from other CDC federal advisory committees, the Public Health Agency of Canada, and the Secretariat of Health of Mexico.