CDC Acute Flaccid Myelitis Task Force Activities

The AFM-TF will provide findings, observations, and outcomes to the BSC through the following activities in two key areas:

Etiologies and Pathogenesis
  • Evaluating current understanding of cause(s) and the pathogenic mechanisms of AFM
  • Reviewing available data and developing hypotheses about possible or likely etiologies and the pathogenesis of AFM
  • Proposing new studies, study designs, laboratory techniques, assays, and other activities to address specific hypotheses on AFM etiologies and pathogenesis
  • Developing and prioritizing findings and observations for the BSC to utilize in the development of recommendations for areas of further study or investigation
  • Submitting outcomes/findings/observations to the BSC in a draft report
Clinical Treatment
  • Building on existing information on clinical practices by seeking information on clinical experience with the treatment of AFM
  • Identifying research gaps in the diagnosis and treatment of AFM
  • Developing potential findings and observations on patient management for referral to the BSC

The AFM-TF and the BSC are committed to moving the AFM research agenda forward, positioning CDC to better understand the causes of AFM, and review and update clinical guidance on the management of patients with AFM. The AFM-TF continues to meet regularly and will provide its findings to the BSC for discussion and deliberation.

Page last reviewed: September 30, 2021