Data Modernization Implementation Guidance Portal for Public Health Departments

Getting Started with Data Modernization

Jurisdictions can begin their data modernization efforts by completing an assessment of their data and information technology (IT) systems, which documents the status, needs, and opportunities specific to public health data modernization work and workforce development.

Glossary of Data Modernization Terms. This glossary defines common terms used throughout this website related to data modernization.

Data Modernization Assessment Outcomes

Jurisdictions will identify needs and opportunities related to improving systems, processes, and workforce capacity for the following four domains:

The findings from the assessment should be used to develop a data modernization roadmap that outlines how jurisdictions will accomplish data modernization goals.

Resources for Data Modernization Implementation

The below webpages, organized into the four domains above, provide resources that help jurisdictions with the assessment, development, and implementation of IT and surveillance system improvement projects.