Data and IT Governance

This webpage provides resources to help formulate an information systems strategic plan for public health informatics programs by:

  • formulating an information systems strategic plan for a public health informatics program or project.
  • examining organizational issues related to information systems projects to manage change and recommend solutions that assure confidentiality, security, and integrity while maximizing availability of information for public health.
  • solving problems using knowledge of the historical development, structure, and interaction of public health and health care systems.
Administrative Guidance for Major IT Development Projects

Data & Analytics Center of Excellence Playbook
General Services Administration (GSA)
This document is a 10-play playbook that guides agencies in leading more effective government data policies and programs.

De-risking Custom Technology Projects: A Playbook for State Budgeting and Oversight
General Services Administration (GSA)
A guide for jurisdictional public health department executives, budget specialists, legislators, and other decision makers who fund or oversee STLT technology projects.

Federal Data Strategy: Leveraging Data as a Strategic Asset
General Services Administration (GSA)
The Federal Data Strategy encompasses a 10-year vision for how the federal government will accelerate the use of data to deliver on mission, serve the public, and steward resources while protecting security, privacy, and confidentiality.

Federal Field Guide
General Services Administration (GSA)
This guide provides straightforward recommendations for federal agency staff to address common pitfalls in implementing modern software development practices.

Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan Template
General Services Administration (GSA)
This template can be used by public health departments to outline the procedures and guidelines that will be used to ensure the required performance standards or services levels are achieved by a contractor.

Data Sharing and Data Use Agreements (DUAs)

Benefits for State Governments and Public Health
Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement (TEFCA)
Resource to help public health departments understand the value of common agreements and participating in national networks for exchanging data.

Data Sharing for Native Peoples and Organizations
Practical guidance for Tribes and Native-serving organizations on obtaining and sharing health data.

Legal Considerations on Federal and State Privacy Laws
Public Health Informatics Institute (PHII)
This document is a compendium of laws that pertain to retrieving school data and explains what type of data can and cannot be shared based on the way the law is written. Although this focuses on school data, this is generalizable to other types of public health data.

Using Data to Improve Child & Adolescent Mental Health: Legal Considerations
Public Health Informatics Institute (PHII)
This is a checklist template for considerations when requesting data.