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Emergency Operations Center (EOC) 101

EOC 101 Video Title Graphic

The video describes what an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is, how it fits within the framework of Incident Management Systems, how it functions and the benefits of establishing one and the importance of routine use in maintaining it.

Recipe for Preparedness

Recipe for Preparedness – Trick-or-Treat 

Recipe for Preparedness Trick or Treat Safety Kit

The Recipe for Preparedness videos highlight the diversity, economy and ease with which individuals and families can develop a variety of emergency supply kits.


Know How to Stay Safe and Healthy After a Hurricane

Hurricane Preparedness Spanish

Know How to Stay Safe and Healthy After a Hurricane

Know How to Stay Safe and Healthy After a Hurricane

Health Sector Resilience

Health Sector Resilience graphic

Health Sector Resilience – lessons learned from Hurricane Sandy



Public Health Emergency Preparedness 101

To assist state and local public health departments in their strategic planning, CDC developed 15 capabilities to serve as national public health preparedness standards. CDC’s Public Health Preparedness Capabilities: National Standards for State and Local Planning provides a guide that state and local jurisdictions can use to better organize their work, plan their priorities, and decide which capabilities they have the resources to build or sustain.

Public Health Emergency Preparedness 102

This course will provide a high-level overview of the structure of the PHEP capabilities, including the relationship between the capabilities, and their functions, tasks, resource elements, and associated performance measures.

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