Infographic: 7 Things to Consider When Communicating About Health

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communicating health infographic

7 Things to Consider When Communicating About Health

  1. Trust: Will people trust the information? Who is the best source to put the information out?
  2. Information: What information is necessary, and how will people find it? How much is enough, or too much?
  3. Motivation: How relevant is the information to the people we’re trying to reach?
  4. Environment: What are the conditions that surround and affect the audience?
  5. Capacity: What is people’s ability to act on the information? Are there barriers?
  6. Perception: What will the audience think about the information? What will inspire them to act on it?
  7. Response: How will people respond? What can we do to stay engaged with them and give them support as they take action?
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