Advancing Health Equity Through Partnerships, Collaboration, and Community Engagement

CDC’s National Center of Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (NCCDPHP) works with partners to address the needs reported by communities. Explore NCCDPHP’s tools to activate, engage, and strengthen partnerships and examples of NCCDPHP’s recent partnerships to advance health equity.

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Alzheimer’s Disease: Road Map for Indian Country

The Road Map for Indian Country is designed to support discussion about dementia and caregiving in tribal communities and to encourage a public health approach—as part of a larger, collaborative response. Road Map for Indian Country is the first public health guide focused on dementia in American Indian and Alaska Native communities.

Best Practices User Guide: Health Equity in Tobacco Prevention and Control

This user guide offers tobacco control program staff and partners information on evidence-based strategies, real-world examples, and tobacco control resources and tools to help achieve health equity when planning, implementing, and enforcing tobacco control policies.

Community-Clinical Linkages Health Equity Guide

Community-clinical linkages are connections between community and clinical sectors that aim to improve health within a community. This guide helps practitioners in public health, community, and clinical sectors to incorporate health equity when organizing a community-clinical linkage structure and supporting its operations.

Health Equity Resource Toolkit for State Practitioners Addressing Obesity Disparities

This toolkit helps state health departments and partners work with communities to reduce obesity in populations affected by health disparities. It helps the user learn how changes in policy, health systems, and environment can reduce obesity disparities and achieve health equity. The toolkit’s six-step process shows how to plan, implement, and evaluate a program. It also describes the Social Ecological Model, a useful conceptual framework.

Healthier Food Retail: An Action Guide for Public Health Practitioners

This resource provides guidance on how to develop, implement, and partner on food retail initiatives and activities. Improving the food retail environment increases access, availability, and affordability of healthier foods and beverages. The guide is designed for state public health practitioners, especially those working in nutrition and obesity prevention.

School Sealant Programs

School sealant programs are a highly effective way to reach children who are at greater risk for developing cavities and less likely to receive private dental care. This page provides an overview of school sealant programs and what states can do to increase support for them.

Featured Examples of NCCDPHP’s Partnerships
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