Fast Track to Educational Accreditation

The Fast Track program is a streamlined process to accredit educational activities within 20 business days. The standard accreditation timeline takes approximately 70 (see footnote) business days. The goal is the same, to ensure an educational activity meets the requirements to offer continuing education units, credits, or contact hours for learners to maintain licensure and certification requirements.

CDC’s Continuing Education (CE) Fast Track service requires funding, so it is only available to CDC programs that are able to provide a CAN.

The standard process is 70 business days. The Fast Track process is 20 business days.

Fast Track accepts the following types of educational activities: single-session live programs, single-session webcasts, or enduring web-on-demand. Fast Track cannot be used for multi-session programs (e.g., conferences), other enduring programs, recurring programs, or series educational activities.

Under the Fast Track to Educational Accreditation program, the CE Team will dedicate a:

Prior to requesting Fast Track, you must:

  1. Have funding available through a CAN to cover this service. The program cost range is $7,500 to $10,500.
  2. Complete course content and get it cleared through your program’s official clearance process.
  3. Identify and confirm your planning committee based on the type of CE you are requesting. If applicable, you will need to include subject matter experts (i.e., a physician for CME, a CHES® certified individual for CHEC, a pharmacist for CPE, and a vet for AAVSB/RACE) on your planning committee. You will need to have a list of names, degrees, and contact information for each. Instructions will be provided to these specific subject matter experts on their role in the process.
  4. Designate your point of contact. This person must be a member of the planning committee, know the content and purpose of the course, and be approved to serve in this role for accreditation. The point of contact must be knowledgeable about the course and available to answer questions as needed throughout the accreditation process.
  5. Identify and confirm your presenters. You will need to be able to provide a list of names, degrees, and contact information for each.

How to Request Fast Track

Once you are ready to request Fast Track, complete the Fast Track to Educational Accreditation request form word icon[DOC – 58 KB] and submit it to We will review your request and a member of our team will contact you within 5 business days. If you provide all of the needed information, we will respond with a quote and timeline. Once you have received the quote, we will need your program’s authorization via a signed agreement, approval from your Office of Financial Resources (OFR) Budget Analyst, and payment.

Email for more information.

Print the fact sheet pdf icon[PDF – 113 KB] for a reference copy of this information.


Estimates are based on assumption that work is continuous once CE request is received. CDC programs’ availability to work on educational activity and the educational activity’s start date affect the estimated time line.