State Biomonitoring Grants

New Hampshire Division of Public Health Services (NHDPHS)

The New Hampshire Division of Public Health Services (NHDPHS) is expanding its support for environmental public health through the New Hampshire Biomonitoring Program.

The program developed studies to assess environmental exposures unique to New Hampshire residents. These studies include the following:

  • The Targeted Arsenic and Uranium Public Health Study, which assesses exposure to arsenic and uranium in 500 southern New Hampshire residents who rely on private bedrock wells for drinking water
  • The Statewide Surveillance Study, which assesses chemical exposures of concern by measuring metals, cotinine, pesticides, and per- and polyfluorinated substances (PFAS) in a statewide population

In addition, the program assisted with the New Hampshire PFAS Response in the Pease Tradeport and Merrimack Village District by facilitating specimen collection, processing, shipment, and results reporting to PFAS-exposed communities.

CDC’s Division of Laboratory Sciences awarded NHDPHS $815,909 in fiscal year 2017 for the biomonitoring program.


Amanda Cosser
Biomonitoring Program Manager
Phone: 603-271-4611

Kristin Dortch, MS
CDC Project Officer