State Biomonitoring Grants

Massachusetts Department of Health (MDH)

The Massachusetts State Public Health Lab (MASPHL) and Massachusetts Department of Public Health Bureau of Environmental Health (MDPH BEH) coordinate the Massachusetts Biomonitoring Programexternal icon.

The program developed, and is implementing, studies for statewide surveillance, targeted populations, and exposure incidents. These studies include:

  • The Biomonitoring Massachusetts Study, a population-based sampling system using the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System Survey (BRFSS) to recruit participants and assess exposure to metals and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)
  • The Identifying Targeted Sample of Massachusetts Population, which assesses exposure to metals in targeted vulnerable communities throughout the state
  • Response to Acute Chemical Exposure Incidents, which provides laboratory support for the public health response to chemical emergencies, including accidental exposures to mercury

CDC’s Division of Laboratory Sciences awarded MDH $817,818 in fiscal year 2017 for the biomonitoring program.


Jamshid Eshraghi, Ph.D.
Co – Principal Investigator
Director of Chemistry Division
Phone: 617-983-6203

Marc A. Nascarella, Ph.D.
Co – Principal Investigator
Environmental Toxicology Program
Phone: 617-624-5757

Kristin Dortch, MS
CDC Project Officer

Page last reviewed: April 7, 2017