Advanced Molecular Detection (AMD) and Response to Infectious Disease Outbreaks

Advanced molecular detection (AMD) integrates the latest next-generation genomic sequencing technologies with bioinformatics and epidemiology expertise across CDC and the nation to help us find, track, and stop disease-causing pathogens faster than ever before.

Slider image with text: Finding new ways to apply advancing technology to real-world problems

Slider image with text: Transforming the workforce of microbiologists and epidemiologists

Slider image with text: Keeping pace with rapidly advancing sequencing technologies

Slider image with text: Opening CDC’s data on microbial DNA to the outside world

Imagine doing a 10,000-piece jigsaw puzzle in the time it takes to finish a 100-piece puzzle. Apply that to infectious disease control, and that’s AMD at work. Now imagine putting together that 10,000-piece puzzle when key pieces are missing, disease is spreading, and people are dying. AMD gives CDC scientists the “key pieces” they need to protect people from ever-changing infectious disease threats.
Page last reviewed: January 8, 2019