ALS Recruitment Assistance

Research Notification Requests

ATSDR has developed an online research notification tool that allows researchers to recruit Registry-enrolled persons with ALS (PALS) to take part in new research studies and clinical trials. To recruit PALS, researchers need to complete and upload an application, link to application. Once the application has been reviewed and approved, ATSDR will email PALS who have consented to receive notifications with your recruitment information, study details, and contact information. Please note, ATSDR will not provide you with any contact information for PALS. Once ATSDR emails PALS with your recruitment information, it will be up to them to contact you to participate in the research study. To see a list of researchers who have used the Registry to recruit PALS for research studies, click here.

Benefits of the research notification tool for researchers include:

  • shorter recruitment time
  • increased study sample size
  • increased geographic diversity
  • free service

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