ADHD Information and Resources for States

What to know

  • States can play an important role in treatment for children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). They can monitor how health resources are utilized, implement ADHD treatment policies, and shape access to behavioral health services.
  • CDC promotes the use of effective treatments for children with ADHD, and a vital part of this effort is providing states with resources to guide decision-making.
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State Data and Policies on ADHD

State data profiles: Diagnosis and treatment for children with ADHD

Information on ADHD diagnosis and medication treatment for children ages 3–17 years. View data for your state:

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State profiles on ADHD diagnosis and treatment.

State policies for prescribing ADHD medication

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States have different policies in prescribing the use of ADHD medication.

State Medicaid Policies‎

Medicaid policies to manage the use of ADHD medications in children vary by state. View policy information by state.