Winnable Battles

What is a “Winnable Battle”?

CDC Winnable Battles

Winnable Battles describe public health priorities where CDC and our public health partners can make significant progress in a relatively short timeframe. For information on the first set of Winnable Battles please see the Winnable Battles Final Report as well as Progress Reports published in 2013Cdc-pdf and 2014Cdc-pdf.

Winnable Battles: Progress Reports

While CDC and its public health partners have made progress in many Winnable Battle areas since the initiative’s inception in 2010, we still have more work to do. View the CDC Winnable Battles Final Report 2010-2015 and the 2014 and 2013 Progress Reports for details.

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Learn more about CDC's Winnable Battles targets, what CDC is doing in support of Winnable Battles, and what progress is being made toward our goals.

Page last reviewed: October 11, 2018