United States-Mexico Public Health

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Health Advisory: Serious health problems caused by hand sanitizers containing methanol.

The United States and Mexico share a dynamic history of social and economic ties. These bilateral relationships affect the environment, economies, and health of people on both sides of the border.

As a world leader in preventing and monitoring diseases, CDC collaborates with health officials in the United States and Mexico at local, state, and federal levels to:

  • Limit the spread of infectious diseases across borders.
  • Protect the health of people living in the United States-Mexico border region.
  • Improve and promote the health of travelers, migrants, and other mobile populations.
Map: Map of the United States and Mexico, with a focus on the 4 border states in the US and 6 border states in Mexico. Arrows show long-distance population movement in both directions between countries. Other circular arrows show continual population movement between the US and Mexico in the border region, determined as the 100 kilometers on either side of the US-Mexico border.

The movement of people and products between the United States and Mexico creates special health challenges.

Binational lab technicians participate in a diagnostic training.

Strong partnerships between the United States and Mexico are vital to prevent and control the global spread of diseases.

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Access and share resources to learn how to stay healthy if you are visiting Mexico or frequently crossing the border.