Communication Resources for Southern Border Health and Migration

Health Education and Communication Tools

Immigrant and binational populations face cultural and linguistic barriers to accessing health information. Health education and communication tools can provide health professionals and immigrant and foreign-born Spanish-speaking populations with important information to prevent the spread of disease across the border region. These are some examples of materials produced through CDC collaborations that address the specific health and communication needs of this vulnerable population:

Infectious Disease


Influenza Virus


West Nile Virus

Food Safety—Queso Fresco


Relevant publications CDC collaborated on that illustrate relevant U.S.-Mexico health issues covering disease surveillance, migration and health, and clinical issues, along with related publications produced by CDC’s external partners, include the following:

Infectious Disease and Surveillance

Migration and Health

Publications from External Partners

Publications from external partners such as United States organizations and international organizations help to explain the role that CDC plays in Southern Border Health and Migration. The following documents are related to migration and health, immigration flows, and health policy issues:

Publications from United States Organizations

Publications from International Organizations