Two hands holding a pair of lungs, with globe superimposed on top

The CureTB program works to prevent the spread of tuberculosis (TB) among people who cross international borders. To reduce disease transmission and the emergence of drug-resistant TB, CureTB connects people with TB to healthcare services as they move between the United States and other countries. The program is a collaboration between CDC’s Division of Global Migration Health (DGMH) and the County of San Diego’s Tuberculosis Control Program. CureTB collaborates with health authorities throughout the United States and around the world to link people with TB to care at their destinations. Health departments, healthcare providers, and others seeking help in linking patients to ongoing TB care in other countries can refer patients to CureTB.

CureTB accomplishes its community-centered goal of reducing the spread of TB by:
  • Linking patients to care outside the United States.
  • Collecting and providing high-quality clinical information to healthcare providers.
  • Educating patients and motivating them for continued adherence.
  • Promoting integrated care by coordinating with US and global partners.
  • Determining treatment outcomes.

Resources for Partners

Download and print the CureTB Fact Sheet [PDF – 2 pages]