Task 2: How to Download Data Files, Documentation and Laboratory Procedure Manuals

Downloading Data files, Documentation, and the Laboratory Procedure Manual from the NHANES website requires the same steps no matter which files you decide to use for your analysis. Generally, you will need to download the following:

The Urinary Phthalates data  from survey years 1999–2004 (PHPYPA, PHPYPA_B, and L24PH_C) will be used to illustrate these steps.  However you can apply these steps to any other environmental chemical data files. Remember that when doing Step 1, Step 2, and Step 3 on your own, you will need to download only the Data files, Laboratory Procedure Manual, and Documentation relevant to your analysis.

Warning iconThe steps below assume that you are already familar with downloading data files and documentation available from the NHANES website. If you need more detailed instructions about how to download data and documentation files, please review the Download Data Files Module in the Continuous NHANES Web Tutorial before continuing.


Step 1: Download SAS Transport File

Begin at the NHANES Homepage (shown here on the right) and click the Questionnaires, Datasets, and Related Documentation link. Click the NHANES 1999–2000 link. Scroll down and click the Laboratory link in the Data, Documentation, Codebooks, SAS Code section. From the 1999–2000 Laboratory page, scroll down to the PHPYPA Urinary Phthalates item, right-click the Data link to save target as (not open), and then save the SAS transport file phpypa.xpt in the designated folder on your computer.

Using the same step, download the 2001–2002 PHPYPA Urinary Phthalates Data (phpypa_b.xpt) and the 2003–2004 Lab 24 Urinary Phthalates Data (l24ph_c.xpt) from the 2001-2002 and the 2003-2004 Laboratory pages respectively.


Additional Data and Files Needed to Create Dataset for Tutorial

To create the phthalate dataset, you will also need the demographics data files: demo.xpt, demo_b.xpt and demo_c.xpt.


Step 2: Download Documentation, Codebook, and Frequencies

For each survey cycle, use the Docs link next to the Data link (see Step 1) to download (not open) the single Documentation PDF file and save it in the DOWNLOAD folder. 


Info icon If the Documentation, Codebook, and Frequency Tables are separate PDF files (in the earlier survey cycles), use the individual Doc, Codebook, or Freqs link to download (not open) the Documentation, Codebook, or Frequency Tables PDF files and save them in the DOWNLOAD folder one by one.


Step 3: Download Laboratory Procedure Manual

To download the Laboratory Procedure Manual for the 1999–2000 survey cycle, click the Laboratory Methods link on the 1999-2000 Laboratory Files page.

From the Lab Methods 1999–2000 page, right-click &qout;Phthalate Monoesters" to "Save Target As" (not open), and then save the PHPYPA_met_phthalates.pdf file in the designated folder on your computer.

Using the same step, you can download the 2001-2002 (PHPYPA_b_met_phthalates.pdf) and the 2003–2004 (l24ph_c_met.pdf) Laboratory Procedure Manuals from the Lab Methods 2001–2002 website page and the Lab Methods 2003–2004 page,



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