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National Suicide Statistics at a Glance

Case Fatality Rate* Among Persons Ages 10 Years and Older for Males and Females separately, and by Selected Mechanism for Both Sexes Combined, United States, 2005–2009

Cut/Pierce Number of deaths: 3,142 Number of non-fatal injuries: 389,638 Case fatality rate: 0.8%Fall Number of deaths: 3,530 Number of non-fatal injuries: 11,199 Case fatality rate: 24.0%Poisoning Number of deaths: 31,042 Number of non-fatal injuries:1,031,405 Case fatality rate: 2.9%Suffocation Number of deaths: 40,446 Number of non-fatal injuries: 10,203 Case fatality rate: 79.9%Firearm Number of deaths: 88,189 Number of non-fatal injuries: 17,288 Case fatality rate: 83.6%All Females Number of deaths: 36,446 Number of non-fatal injuries:1,117,032 Case fatality rate: 3.2%All Males Number of deaths:136,972 Number of non-fatal injuries: 793,690 Case fatality rate: 14.7%

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Higher case fatality rates indicate greater lethality within a subgroup or for a specific method of self-harm. During 2005-2009, males had a higher suicide case fatality rate than females overall (14.7% versus 3.2%). Higher case fatality rates computed for both sexes combined were also observed for self-harm inflicted injuries by firearms (83.6%) and suffocation (79.9%).

Footnote: * For the purposes of this summary the Case Fatality Rate was operationalized as (Suicides/ Suicides + Nonfatal injuries due to self-harm) *100

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