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Disease Reservoirs and Vectors

  1. Urban focus of Rickettsia typhi and Rickettsia felis in Los Angeles, California
    Abramowicz KF, Rood MP, Krueger L, Eremeeva ME.
    Vector Borne Zoonotic Dis. 2010 Dec 13.

  2. Tracking origins and spread of sulfadoxine-resistant Plasmodium falciparum dhps alleles in Thailand
    Alam MT, Vinayak S, Congpuong K, Wongsrichanalai C, Satimai W, Slutsker L, Escalante AA, Barnwell JW, Udhayakumar V.
    Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 2010 Oct 18.

  3. Fatal apophysomyces elegans infection transmitted by deceased donor renal allografts
    Alexander BD, Schell WA, Siston AM, Rao CY, Bower WA, Balajee SA, Howell DN, Moore ZS, Noble-Wang J, Rhyne JA, Fleischauer AT, Maillard JM, Kuehnert M, Vikraman D, Collins BH, Marroquin CE, Park BJ.
    Am J Transplant. 2010 Aug 25;10(9):2161-7.

  4. Seasonal pulses of Marburg virus circulation in juvenile Rousettus aegyptiacus bats coincide with periods of increased risk of human infection
    Amman BR, Carroll SA, Reed ZD, Sealy TK, Balinandi S, Swanepoel R, Kemp A, Erickson BR, Comer JA, Campbell S, Cannon DL, Khristova ML, Atimnedi P, Paddock CD, Kent Crockett RJ, Flietstra TD, Warfield KL, Unfer R, Katongole-Mbidde E, Downing R, Tappero JW, Zaki SR, Rollin PE, Ksiazek TG, Nichol ST, Towner JS.
    PLoS Pathog. 2012 Oct;8(10):e1002877.

  5. Association between movement and Sin Nombre virus (Bunyaviridae: Hantavirus) infection in North American deermice (Peromyscus maniculatus) in Colorado
    Amman BR, Manangan AP, Flietstra TD, Calisher CH, Carroll DS, Wagoner KD, Mills JN.
    J Wildl Dis. 2013 Jan;49(1):132-42.

  6. North American West Nile virus genotype isolates demonstrate differential replicative capacities in response to temperature
    Andrade CC, Maharaj PD, Reisen WK, Brault AC.
    J Gen Virol. 2011 Nov;92(Pt 11):2523-33.

  7. Prediction, assessment of the Rift Valley fever activity in East and Southern Africa 2006-2008 and possible vector control strategies
    Anyamba A, Linthicum KJ, Small J, Britch SC, Pak E, de La Rocque S, Formenty P, Hightower AW, Breiman RF, Chretien JP, Tucker CJ, Schnabel D, Sang R, Haagsma K, Latham M, Lewandowski HB, Magdi SO, Mohamed MA, Nguku PM, Reynes JM, Swanepoel R.
    Am J Trop Med Hyg. 2010 Aug;83(2 Suppl):43-51.

  8. New rabies virus variant found during an epizootic in white-nosed coatis from the Yucatan Peninsula
    Arechiga-Ceballos N, Velasco-Villa A, Shi M, Flores-Chavez S, Barron B, Cuevas-Dominguez E, Gonzalez-Origel A, Aguilar-Setien A.
    Epidemiol Infect. 2010 Nov;138(11):1586-9.

  9. Interannual variability of human plague occurrence in the Western United States explained by tropical and north Pacific ocean climate variability
    Ari TB, Gershunov A, Tristan R, Cazelles B, Gage K, Stenseth NC.
    Am J Trop Med Hyg. 2010 Sep;83(3):624-32.

  10. Existence of the Rdl mutant alleles among the Anopheles malaria vector in Indonesia
    Asih PB, Syahrani L, Rozi IE, Pratama NR, Marantina SS, Arsyad DS, Mangunwardoyo W, Hawley W, Laihad F, Shinta S, Sukowati S, Lobo NF, Syafruddin D.
    Malar J. 2012 Feb 25;11(1):57.

  11. A tracking tool for long-lasting insecticidal (mosquito) net intervention following a 2011 national distribution in Benin
    Azondekon R, Gnanguenon V, Oke-Agbo F, Houevoessa S, Green M, Akogbeto M.
    Parasit Vectors. 2014 ;7(1):6.

  12. Population density and seasonality effects on Sin Nombre virus transmission in North American deermice (Peromyscus maniculatus) in outdoor enclosures
    Bagamian KH, Douglass RJ, Alvarado A, Kuenzi AJ, Amman BR, Waller LA, Mills JN.
    PLoS One. 2012 ;7(6):e37254.

  13. Transmission ecology of Sin Nombre hantavirus in naturally infected North American deermouse populations in outdoor enclosures
    Bagamian KH, Towner JS, Kuenzi AJ, Douglass RJ, Rollin PE, Waller LA, Mills JN.
    PLoS One. 2012 ;7(10):e47731.

  14. Persistent infection or successive re-infection of deer mice with Bartonella vinsonii subsp. arupensis
    Bai Y, Calisher CH, Kosoy MY, Root JJ, Doty JB.
    Appl Environ Microbiol. 2011 Jan 14.

  15. Isolation of Bartonella capreoli from elk
    Bai Y, Cross PC, Malania L, Kosoy M.
    Vet Microbiol. 2011 Mar 24;148(2-4):329-32.

  16. Bartonella spp. in bats, Guatemala
    Bai Y, Kosoy M, Recuenco S, Alvarez D, Moran D, Turmelle A, Ellison J, Garcia DL, Estevez A, Lindblade K, Rupprecht C.
    Emerg Infect Dis. 2011 ;17(7):1269-1272.

  17. Prevalence and diversity of Bartonella spp. in bats in Peru
    Bai Y, Recuenco S, Gilbert AT, Osikowicz LM, Gomez J, Rupprecht C, Kosoy MY.
    Am J Trop Med Hyg. 2012 Jul 23.

  18. Spatial stability of adult Aedes aegypti populations
    Barrera R.
    Am J Trop Med Hyg. 2011 Dec;85(6):1087-92.

  19. Use of the CDC autocidal gravid ovitrap to control and prevent outbreaks of Aedes aegypti (Diptera: Culicidae)
    Barrera R, Amador M, Acevedo V, Caban B, Felix G, Mackay AJ.
    J Med Entomol. 2014 Jan;51(1):145-154.

  20. Population dynamics of Aedes aegypti and dengue as influenced by weather and human behavior in San Juan, Puerto Rico
    Barrera R, Amador M, Mackay AJ.
    PLoS Negl Trop Dis. 2011 Dec;5(12):e1378.

  21. Vertebrate hosts of Aedes aegypti and Aedes mediovittatus (Diptera: Culicidae) in rural Puerto Rico
    Barrera R, Bingham AM, Hassan HK, Amador M, Mackay AJ, Unnasch TR.
    J Med Entomol. 2012 ;49(4):917-921.

  22. Mosquito vectors of West Nile virus during an epizootic outbreak in Puerto Rico
    Barrera R, MacKay A, Amador M, Vasquez J, Smith J, Diaz A, Acevedo V, Caban B, Hunsperger EA, Munoz-Jordan JL.
    J Med Entomol. 2010 ;47(6):1185-1195.

  23. An improved trap to capture adult container-inhabiting mosquitoes
    Barrera R, Mackay AJ, Amador M.
    J Am Mosq Control Assoc. 2013 Dec;29(4):358-368.

  24. Backyard poultry flocks and salmonellosis: a recurring, yet preventable public health challenge
    Barton Behravesh C, Brinson D, Hopkins BA, Gomez TM.
    Clin Infect Dis. 2014 Feb 5.

  25. A focus of dogs and Rickettsia massiliae-infected Rhipicephalus sanguineus in California
    Beeler E, Abramowicz KF, Zambrano ML, Sturgeon MM, Khalaf N, Hu R, Dasch GA, Eremeeva ME.
    Am J Trop Med Hyg. 2011 Feb;84(2):244-9.

  26. Attractive toxic sugar bait (ATSB) methods decimate populations of Anopheles malaria vectors in arid environments regardless of the local availability of favoured sugar-source blossoms
    Beier JC, Muller GC, Gu W, Arheart KL, Schlein Y.
    Malar J. 2012 ;11(1):31.

  27. Isolation and molecular characterization of Leptospira interrogans and Leptospira borgpetersenii isolates from the urban rat populations of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    Benacer D, Zain SN, Amran F, Galloway RL, Thong KL.
    Am J Trop Med Hyg. 2013 Jan 28.

  28. Bartonella seroprevalence in rural Thailand
    Bhengsri S, Baggett HC, Peruski LF, Morway C, Bai Y, Fisk TL, Sitdhirasdr A, Maloney SA, Dowell SF, Kosoy M.
    Southeast Asian J Trop Med Public Health. 2011 May;42(3):687-92.

  29. Bartonella species in invasive rats and indigenous rodents from Uganda
    Billeter SA, Borchert JN, Atiku LA, Mpanga JT, Gage KL, Kosoy MY.
    Vector Borne Zoonotic Dis. 2014 Feb 27.

  30. Molecular detection and identification of Bartonella species in rat fleas from northeastern Thailand
    Billeter SA, Colton L, Sangmaneedet S, Suksawat F, Evans BP, Kosoy MY.
    Am J Trop Med Hyg. 2013 Jul 8.

  31. Molecular detection and identification of Bartonella species in rat fleas from northeastern Thailand
    Billeter SA, Colton L, Sangmaneedet S, Suksawat F, Evans BP, Kosoy MY.
    Am J Trop Med Hyg. 2013 Jul 8.

  32. Bartonella species in bat flies (Diptera: Nycteribiidae) from Western Africa
    Billeter SA, Hayman DT, Peel AJ, Baker K, Wood JL, Cunningham A, Suu-Ire R, Dittmar K, Kosoy MY.
    Parasitology. 2012 Feb 6:1-6.

  33. Experimental infection by capillary tube feeding of Rhipicephalus sanguineus with Bartonella vinsonii subspecies berkhoffii
    Billeter SA, Kasten RW, Killmaster LF, Breitschwerdt EB, Levin ML, Levy MG, Kosoy MY, Chomel BB.
    Comp Immunol Microbiol Infect Dis. 2011 Nov 5.

  34. Insect-specific flaviviruses from culex mosquitoes in Colorado, with evidence of vertical transmission
    Bolling BG, Eisen L, Moore CG, Blair CD.
    Am J Trop Med Hyg. 2011 Jul;85(1):169-77.

  35. Transmission dynamics of an insect-specific flavivirus in a naturally infected Culex pipiens laboratory colony and effects of co-infection on vector competence for West Nile virus
    Bolling BG, Olea-Popelka FJ, Eisen L, Moore CG, Blair CD.
    Virology. 2012 Jun 5;427(2):90-7.

  36. Efficacy of indoor residual spraying using lambda-cyhalothrin for controlling nontarget vector fleas (Siphonaptera) on commensal rats in a plague endemic region of northwestern Uganda
    Borchert JN, Eisen RJ, Atiku LA, Delorey MJ, Mpanga JT, Babi N, Enscore RE, Gage KL.
    J Med Entomol. 2012 Sep;49(5):1027-34.

  37. Evaluation and modification of off-host flea collection techniques used in Northwest Uganda: laboratory and field studies
    Borchert JN, Eisen RJ, Holmes JL, Atiku LA, Mpanga JT, Brown HE, Graham CB, Babi N, Montenieri JA, Enscore RE, Gage KL.
    J Med Entomol. 2012 ;49(1):210-214.

  38. Evaluation of rodent bait containing imidacloprid for the control of fleas on commensal rodents in a plague-endemic region of northwest Uganda
    Borchert JN, Enscore RE, Eisen RJ, Atiku LA, Owor N, Acayo S, Babi N, Montenieri JA, Gage KL.
    J Med Entomol. 2010 Sep;47(5):842-50.

  39. Modelling adult Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus survival at different temperatures in laboratory and field settings
    Brady OJ, Johansson MA, Guerra CA, Bhatt S, Golding N, Pigott DM, Delatte H, Grech MG, Leisnham PT, Maciel-de-Freitas R, Styer LM, Smith DL, Scott TW, Gething PW, Hay SI.
    Parasit Vectors. 2013 ;6(1):351.

  40. The effect of spatial and temporal subsetting on Culex tarsalis abundance models--a design for sensible reduction of vector surveillance
    Brown HE, Doyle MS, Cox J, Eisen RJ, Nasci RS.
    J Am Mosq Control Assoc. 2011 Jun;27(2):120-8.

  41. Annual seroprevalence of Yersinia pestis in coyotes as predictors of interannual variation in reports of human plague cases in Arizona, United States
    Brown HE, Levy CE, Enscore RE, Schriefer ME, Deliberto TJ, Gage KL, Eisen RJ.
    Vector Borne Zoonotic Dis. 2011 Jul 14.

  42. An acarologic survey and Amblyomma americanum distribution map with implications for tularemia risk in Missouri
    Brown HE, Yates KF, Dietrich G, Macmillan K, Graham CB, Reese SM, Helterbrand WS, Nicholson WL, Blount K, Mead PS, Patrick SL, Eisen RJ.
    Am J Trop Med Hyg. 2011 Mar;84(3):411-419.

  43. Transmission shifts underlie variability in population responses to Yersinia pestis infection
    Buhnerkempe MG, Eisen RJ, Goodell B, Gage KL, Antolin MF, Webb CT.
    PLoS One. 2011 ;6(7):e22498.

  44. Barrier screens: a method to sample blood-fed and host-seeking exophilic mosquitoes
    Burkot TR, Russell TL, Reimer LJ, Bugoro H, Beebe NW, Cooper RD, Sukawati S, Collins FH, Lobo NF.
    Malar J. 2013 ;12:49.

  45. The relative abundance of deer mice with antibody to Sin Nombre virus corresponds to the occurrence of hantavirus pulmonary syndrome in nearby humans
    Calisher CH, Mills JN, Root JJ, Doty JB, Beaty BJ.
    Vector Borne Zoonotic Dis. 2011 May;11(5):577-82.

  46. The United States Trypanosoma cruzi Infection Study: evidence for vector-borne transmission of the parasite that causes Chagas disease among United States blood donors
    Cantey PT, Stramer SL, Townsend RL, Kamel H, Ofafa K, Todd CW, Currier M, Hand S, Varnado W, Dotson E, Hall C, Jett PL, Montgomery SP.
    Transfusion. 2012 Mar 8.

  47. Sampling frequency differentially influences interpretation of zoonotic pathogen and host dynamics: Sin Nombre virus and deer mice
    Carver S, Mills JN, Kuenzi A, Flietstra T, Douglass R.
    Vector Borne Zoonotic Dis. 2010 Aug;10(6):575-83.

  48. Comparison of insecticide-treated nets and indoor residual spraying to control the vector of visceral leishmaniasis in Mymensingh District, Bangladesh
    Chowdhury R, Dotson E, Blackstock AJ, McClintock S, Maheswary NP, Faria S, Islam S, Akter T, Kroeger A, Akhter S, Bern C.
    Am J Trop Med Hyg. 2011 May;84(5):662-667.

  49. West Nile virus outbreak in Phoenix, Arizona-2010: entomological observations and epidemiological correlations
    Colborn JM, Smith KA, Townsend J, Damian D, Nasci RS, Mutebi JP.
    J Am Mosq Control Assoc. 2013 ;29(2):123-132.

  50. West Nile virus outbreak in Phoenix, Arizona-2010: entomological observations and epidemiological correlations
    Colborn JM, Smith KA, Townsend J, Damian D, Nasci RS, Mutebi JP.
    J Am Mosq Control Assoc. 2013 ;29(2):123-132.

  51. Plasmodium knowlesi: a malaria parasite of monkeys and humans
    Collins WE.
    Annu Rev Entomol. 2012 Jan 7;57:107-21.

  52. DNA barcoding for the identification of sand fly species (Diptera, psychodidae, phlebotominae) in Colombia
    Contreras Gutierrez MA, Vivero RJ, Velez ID, Porter CH, Uribe S.
    PLoS One. 2014 Jan 15;9(1):e85496.

  53. Infections by Leptospira interrogans, Seoul virus, and Bartonella spp. among Norway rats (Rattus norvegicus) from the urban slum environment in Brazil
    Costa F, Porter FH, Rodrigues G, Farias H, de Faria MT, Wunder EA, Osikowicz LM, Kosoy MY, Reis MG, Ko AI, Childs JE.
    Vector Borne Zoonotic Dis. 2014 Jan;14(1):33-40.

  54. Temperature, larval diet, and density effects on development rate and survival of Aedes aegypti (Diptera: Culicidae)
    Couret J, Dotson E, Benedict MQ.
    PLoS One. 2014 ;9(2):e87468.

  55. Infection and transmission of Rift Valley fever viruses lacking the NSs and/or NSm genes in mosquitoes: potential role for NSm in mosquito infection
    Crabtree MB, Kent Crockett RJ, Bird BH, Nichol ST, Erickson BR, Biggerstaff BJ, Horiuchi K, Miller BR.
    PLoS Negl Trop Dis. 2012 May;6(5):e1639.

  56. Culex flavivirus and West Nile virus in Culex quinquefasciatus populations in the Southeastern United States
    Crockett RK, Burkhalter K, Mead D, Kelly R, Brown J, Varnado W, Roy A, Horiuchi K, Biggerstaff BJ, Miller B, Nasci R.
    J Med Entomol. 2012 Jan;49(1):165-74.

  57. Human risk of infection with Borrelia burgdorferi, the Lyme disease agent, in Eastern United States
    Diuk-Wasser MA, Hoen AG, Cislo P, Brinkerhoff R, Hamer SA, Rowland M, Cortinas R, Vourc'h G, Melton F, Hickling GJ, Tsao JI, Bunikis J, Barbour AG, Kitron U, Piesman J, Fish D.
    Am J Trop Med Hyg. 2012 Feb;86(2):320-327.

  58. Ancient ancestry of KFDV and AHFV revealed by complete genome analyses of viruses isolated from ticks and mammalian hosts
    Dodd KA, Bird BH, Khristova ML, Albarino CG, Carroll SA, Comer JA, Erickson BR, Rollin PE, Nichol ST.
    PLoS Negl Trop Dis. 2011 Oct;5(10):e1352.

  59. Elimination of Borrelia burgdorferi and Anaplasma phagocytophilum in rodent reservoirs and Ixodes scapularis ticks using a doxycycline hyclate-laden bait
    Dolan MC, Schulze TL, Jordan RA, Dietrich G, Schulze CJ, Hojgaard A, Ullmann AJ, Sackal C, Zeidner NS, Piesman J.
    Am J Trop Med Hyg. 2011 Dec;85(6):1114-20.

  60. Restricted enzooticity of hepatitis E virus genotypes 1 to 4 in the United States
    Dong C, Meng J, Dai X, Liang JH, Feagins AR, Meng XJ, Belfiore NM, Bradford C, Corn JL, Cray C, Glass GE, Gordon ML, Hesse RA, Montgomery DL, Nicholson WL, Pilny AA, Ramamoorthy S, Shaver DD, Drobeniuc J, Purdy MA, Fields HA, Kamili S, Teo CG.
    J Clin Microbiol. 2011 Dec;49(12):4164-72.

  61. Vector competence of the stable fly (Diptera: Muscidae) for West Nile virus
    Doyle MS, Swope BN, Hogsette JA, Burkhalter KL, Savage HM, Nasci RS.
    J Med Entomol. 2011 ;48(3):656-668.

  62. Sporulation and survival of Toxoplasma gondii oocysts in different types of commercial cat litter
    Dubey JP, Ferreira LR, Martins J, Jones JL.
    J Parasitol. 2011 Oct;97(5):751-4.

  63. Sequence analyses of 2012 West Nile virus isolates from Texas fail to associate viral genetic factors with outbreak magnitude
    Duggal NK, D'Anton M, Xiang J, Seiferth R, Day J, Nasci R, Brault AC.
    Am J Trop Med Hyg. 2013 Jul 1.

  64. Sequence analyses of 2012 West Nile virus isolates from Texas fail to associate viral genetic factors with outbreak magnitude
    Duggal NK, D'Anton M, Xiang J, Seiferth R, Day J, Nasci R, Brault AC.
    Am J Trop Med Hyg. 2013 Jul 1.

  65. Multiple strains of Coxiella burnetii are present in the environment of St. Paul Island, Alaska
    Duncan C, Savage K, Williams M, Dickerson B, Kondas AV, Fitzpatrick KA, Guerrero JL, Spraker T, Kersh GJ.
    Transbound Emerg Dis. 2012 Jul 2.

  66. Evaluation of imidacloprid-treated traps as an attract and kill system for filth flies during contingency operations
    Dunford JC, Hoel DF, Hertz JC, England DB, Dunford KR, Stoops CA, Szumlas DE, Hogsette JA.
    US Army Med Dep J. 2013 Apr-Jun:73-9.

  67. Checklist of medically important Hymenoptera of Afghanistan
    Dunford JC, Turbyville JC, Leavengood JM.
    Insecta Mundi. 2014 .

  68. Emergence potential of sylvatic dengue virus type 4 in the urban transmission cycle is restrained by vaccination and homotypic immunity
    Durbin AP, Mayer SV, Rossi SL, Amaya-Larios IY, Ramos-Castaneda J, Eong Ooi E, Jane Cardosa M, Munoz-Jordan JL, Tesh RB, Messer WB, Weaver SC, Vasilakis N.
    Virology. 2013 Apr 25;439(1):34-41.

  69. Using occupancy models to investigate the prevalence of ectoparasitic vectors on hosts: an example with fleas on prairie dogs
    Eads DA, Biggins DE, Doherty PF, Gage KL, Huyvaert KP, Long DH, Antolin MF.
    Int J Parasitol Parasites Wildl. 2013 Dec;2:246-56.

  70. Trace-forward investigation of mice in response to lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus outbreak
    Edison L, Knust B, Petersen B, Gabel J, Manning C, Drenzek C, Stroher U, Rollin PE, Thoroughman D, Nichol ST.
    Emerg Infect Dis. 2014 Feb;20(2):291-5.

  71. Cattle and the natural history of Rickettsia parkeri in Mississippi
    Edwards KT, Goddard J, Jones TL, Paddock CD, Varela-Stokes AS.
    Vector Borne Zoonotic Dis. 2011 May;11(5):485-91.

  72. Claims about the misuse of insecticide-treated mosquito nets: are these evidence-based?
    Eisele TP, Thwing J, Keating J.
    PLoS Med. 2011 Apr;8(4):e1001019.

  73. Using geographic information systems and decision support systems for the prediction, prevention, and control of vector-borne diseases
    Eisen L, Eisen RJ.
    Annu Rev Entomol. 2011 Jan;56:41-61.

  74. Flea diversity as an element for persistence of plague bacteria in an east African plague focus
    Eisen RJ, Borchert JN, Mpanga JT, Atiku LA, Macmillan K, Boegler KA, Montenieri JA, Monaghan A, Gage KL.
    PLoS One. 2012 ;7(4):e35598.

  75. Transmission of flea-borne zoonotic agents
    Eisen RJ, Gage KL.
    Annu Rev Entomol. 2012 ;57:61-82.

  76. What do we need to know about disease ecology to prevent Lyme disease in the northeastern United States?
    Eisen RJ, Piesman J, Zielinski-Gutierrez E, Eisen L.
    J Med Entomol. 2012 ;49(1):11-22.

  77. Multidisciplinary approach to epizootiology and pathogenesis of bat rabies viruses in the United States
    Ellison JA, Johnson SR, Kuzmina N, Gilbert A, Carson WC, Vercauteren KC, Rupprecht CE.
    Zoonoses Public Health. 2012 Nov 9.

  78. Novel poxvirus in big brown bats, northwestern United States
    Emerson GL, Nordhausen R, Garner MM, Huckabee JR, Johnson S, Wohrle RD, Davidson WB, Wilkins K, Li Y, Doty JB, Gallardo-Romero NF, Metcalfe MG, Karem KL, Damon IK, Carroll DS.
    Emerg Infect Dis. 2013 Jun;19(6).

  79. Two pathogens and one disease: detection and identification of flea-borne Rickettsiae in areas endemic for murine typhus in California
    Eremeeva ME, Karpathy SE, Krueger L, Hayes EK, Williams AM, Zaldivar Y, Bennett S, Cummings R, Tilzer A, Velten RK, Kerr N, Dasch GA, Hu R.
    J Med Entomol. 2012 Nov;49(6):1485-94.

  80. Reassortant group A rotavirus from straw-colored fruit bat (Eidolon helvum)
    Esona MD, Mijatovic-Rustempasic S, Conrardy C, Tong S, Kuzmin IV, Agwanda B, Breiman RF, Banyai K, Niezgoda M, Rupprecht CE, Gentsch JR, Bowen MD.
    Emerg Infect Dis. 2010 Dec;16(12):1844-1852.

  81. Rickettsia parkeri and Candidatus Rickettsia andeanae in Gulf Coast ticks, Mississippi, USA
    Ferrari FA, Goddard J, Paddock CD, Varela-Stokes AS.
    Emerg Infect Dis. 2012 Oct;18(10):1705-7.

  82. Survival of bacteriophage MS2 on filtering facepiece respirator coupons
    Fisher E, Shaffer R.
    Appl Biosafety. 2010 Apr-Jun;15(2):71-76.

  83. High rates of Rickettsia parkeri infection in Gulf Coast ticks (Amblyomma maculatum) and identification of "Candidatus Rickettsia andeanae" from Fairfax County, Virginia
    Fornadel CM, Zhang X, Smith JD, Paddock CD, Arias JR, Norris DE.
    Vector Borne Zoonotic Dis. 2011 Dec;11(12):1535-9.

  84. Application of a reverse dot blot DNA-DNA hydridization method to quantify host-feeding tendencies of two sibling species in the Anopheles gambiae complex
    Fritz ML, Miller JR, Bayoh MN, Vulule JM, Landgraf JR, Walker ED.
    Med Vet Entomol. 2013 Dec;27(4):398-407.

  85. Factors affecting the spread and maintenance of plague
    Gage KL.
    Adv Exp Med Biol. 2012 ;954:79-94.

  86. Plasmodium vivax: modern strategies to study a persistent parasite's life cycle
    Galinski MR, Meyer EV, Barnwell JW.
    Adv Parasitol. 2013 ;81:1-26.

  87. Effects of transmission reduction by insecticide-treated bed nets (ITNs) on parasite genetics population structure: I. The genetic diversity of Plasmodium falciparum parasites by microsatellite markers in western Kenya
    Gatei W, Kariuki S, Hawley W, Ter Kuile F, Terlouw D, Phillips-Howard P, Nahlen B, Gimnig J, Lindblade K, Walker E, Hamel M, Crawford S, Williamson J, Slutsker L, Shi YP.
    Malar J. 2010 ;9:353.

  88. Host and viral ecology determine bat rabies seasonality and maintenance
    George DB, Webb CT, Farnsworth ML, O'Shea TJ, Bowen RA, Smith DL, Stanley TR, Ellison LE, Rupprecht CE.
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2011 Jun 21;108(25):10208-13.

  89. Eastern equine encephalitis: an emerging arboviral disease threat, Maine, 2009
    Gibney KB, Robinson S, Mutebi JP, Hoenig DE, Bernier BJ, Webber L, Lubelczyk C, Nett RJ, Fischer M.
    Vector Borne Zoonotic Dis. 2011 Jan 23.

  90. Deciphering serology to understand the ecology of infectious diseases in wildlife
    Gilbert AT, Fooks AR, Hayman DT, Horton DL, Muller T, Plowright R, Peel AJ, Bowen R, Wood JL, Mills J, Cunningham AA, Rupprecht CE.
    Ecohealth. 2013 Aug 6.

  91. Durability assessment results suggest a serviceable life of two, rather than three, years for the current long-lasting insecticidal (mosquito) net (LLIN) intervention in Benin
    Gnanguenon V, Azondekon R, Oke-Agbo F, Beach R, Akogbeto M.
    BMC Infect Dis. 2014 ;14(1):69.

  92. Seasonality and time of host-seeking activity of Culex tarsalis and floodwater Aedes in Northern Colorado, 2006-2007
    Godsey MS, Burkhalter K, Delorey M, Savage HM.
    J Am Mosq Control Assoc. 2010 ;26(2):148-159.

  93. Entomologic investigations during an outbreak of West Nile virus disease in Maricopa County, Arizona, 2010
    Godsey MS, Burkhalter K, Young G, Delorey M, Smith K, Townsend J, Levy C, Mutebi JP.
    Am J Trop Med Hyg. 2012 Oct 29.

  94. Ecology of potential West Nile virus vectors in southeastern Louisiana: enzootic transmission in the relative absence of Culex quinquefasciatus
    Godsey MS, King RJ, Burkhalter K, Delorey M, Colton L, Charnetzky D, Sutherland G, Ezenwa VO, Wilson LA, Coffey M, Milheim LE, Taylor VG, Palmisano C, Wesson DM, Guptill SC.
    Am J Trop Med Hyg. 2013 Mar 11.

  95. Eco-geographical differentiation among Colombian populations of the Chagas disease vector Triatoma dimidiata (Hemiptera: Reduviidae)
    Gomez-Palacio A, Triana O, Jaramillo ON, Dotson EM, Marcet PL.
    Infect Genet Evol. 2013 Dec;20:352-61.

  96. Bedbug complaints among public housing residents - New York City, 2010-2011
    Gounder P, Ralph N, Maroko A, Thorpe L.
    J Urban Health. 2014 Feb 19.

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