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Recognize N95 Day on September 4, 2015 - A day earlier, but another year wiser

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Our focus this year is to equip you with the necessary tools to provide and/or practice proper respiratory protection when the use of N95 filtering facepiece respirators is necessary.

It’s our 4th on the 4th!

Another N95 Day has come and gone. But the tools and resources are still available. So keep the celebration going all year long. It’s never too late to participate in #N95Day. See below for a summary of events from September 04.

We had a LOT going on this year on our social media channels. Please check us out on Twitter (@NIOSH, @NPPTL, #N95Day) Facebook, Instagram (new!), and Pinterest as well as our annual N95 Day NIOSH Science Blog article.

Webinar - Hospital Respiratory Protection Programs: New Resources For Implementation

View the recording of the webinar

View the webinar slides

As we focus on the tools needed for proper respiratory protection, we want to put a special emphasis on this year’s N95 Day webinar. NIOSH is partnering with The Joint Commission on this webinar to highlight the availability of two new educational products, Hospital Respiratory Protection Program Toolkit: Resources for Respirator Program Administrators (National Toolkit), and Implementing Hospital Respiratory Protection Programs: Strategies from the Field. In addition, the webinar will cover an array of NIOSH-supported research, including the REACH I and REACH II studies and outcomes, and other new resources and training modules. Topics will include the key components of a respiratory protection program, the processes used to develop the educational resources, highlight the features and key points in each, and the importance of organizational leadership and performance improvement.

View more information.

New Resources

	cover page: Hospital Respiratory Protection Program Toolkit

Hospital Respiratory Protection Program Toolkit
This toolkit was developed to assist hospitals in developing and implementing effective respiratory protection programs, with an emphasis on preventing the transmission of aerosol transmissible diseases (ATDs) to healthcare personnel.

	cover page Implementing Hospital Respiratory Protection Programs: Strategies from the Field
From the Joint Commission

Implementing Hospital Respiratory Protection Programs: Strategies from the Field
Protecting workers from exposure to all types of respiratory hazards is an important issue for hospitals and other healthcare organizations. In order to address this often overlooked danger, The Joint Commission and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), National Personal Protective Technology Laboratory (NPPTL) have collaborated to develop a new educational monograph designed to assist hospitals in implementing their respiratory protection programs (RPPs).


We pulled some of the important information from these new resources, packaging them into quick-study infographics to be used as educational tools. We hope that you will download, print, and use these to promote proper respiratory protection program practices.

	Key Resources of a Respiratory Protection Program infographic    	Respiration Fit Test Requirements infographic    	Respirator use and infection control in healthcare infographic

Key Resources of a Respiratory Protection Program - PDF [1.059 KB], Image [833 KB]

Respiration Fit Test Requirements - PDF [1,123 KB], Image [962 KB]

Respirator Use and Infection Control in Healthcare - PDF [1,036 KB], Image [339 KB]

	Woman on stationary bike wearing filtering facepiece respiratorAs an additional part of the festivities:

We also wanted to highlight one of our important research efforts by sitting down with the project lead, Dr. Raymond Roberge. Dr. Roberge the topic of the safety of N95 filtering facepiece respirators (FFR) use by pregnant workers. This topic concerns many industries were women protect themselves through the use of N95 respirators. Check out the video on Youtube! You can learn more by visiting the recent NIOSH blog on the same topic: N95 Respirator Use During Pregnancy – Findings from Recent NIOSH Research

Relive the N95s of the past through these resource-packed blogs from the last three years:




If you missed it last year, you can learn more about N95 Day and the roll that NIOSH plays in respiratory protection through the words of the National Personal Protective Laboratory Director, Dr. Maryann D’Alessandro.

States with Proclamations for N95 Day

  • Delaware
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • Nevada
  • New Hampshire
  • New Mexico
  • Oklahoma
  • Pennsylvania
  • South Carolina
  • Vermont
  • West Virginia
  • Pittsburgh
  • Washington D.C.

We know that life is busy. Work is even busier. If N95s are part of your workplace respiratory protection program, please take some time on September 4 to focus on your safety and get to know NIOSH and the resources we provide.

We hope respirator users will look forward to the festivities as we tout our N95 resources through the channels of Facebook, Twitter, and the NIOSH blog once again. To take part in the day, mark N95 Day on your calendar for September 4h and keep an eye on your social media.

Follow @NPPTL and @NIOSH on twitter (#N95Day) and as well as on the NIOSH facebook page.