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NIOSH Nominations for the Charles C. Shepard Science Awards

photo of Charles C. ShepardPhoto by Betty Partin


CDC/ATSDR established the Charles C. Shepard Science Award in 1986 in honor of Dr. Charles C. Shepard, M.D., an internationally recognized microbiologist whose career was marked by a pursuit of scientific excellence. He served as chief of the Leprosy and Rickettsia Branch at CDC for more than 30 years, until his death on February 18, 1985. The Charles C. Shepard Science Award recognizes scientists who have made important research contributions to public health. The awards are given in five categories: one individual award – Lifetime Scientific Achievement – and four for journal articles during the previous year:

  • Assessment
  • Data Methods and Study Design
  • Laboratory Science
  • Prevention and Control
  • Lifetime Scientific Achievement

Learn more about the award and its history.

NIOSH Nominations for the Charles C. Shepard Science Awards for 2013

A. Scientific Publications

Category: Assessment
  1. Attfield MD, Schleiff PL, Lubin JH, Blair A, Steward PA, Vermeulen R, JB Coble, Silverman DT [2012] The Diesel Exhaust in Miners Study: A Cohort Mortality Study With Emphasis on Lung Cancer. J Natl Cancer Inst 104(11):869-883.
  2. Noti JD, Lindsley WG, Blachere FM, Cao G, Kashon ML, Thewlis RE, McMillen CM, King WP, Szalajda JV, Beezhold DH [2012]. Detection of Infectious Influenza Virus in Cough Aerosols Generated in a Simulated Patient Examination Room. Clin Infect Dis 54(11): 1569-1577.
  3. Park RM, Stayner LT, Petersen MR, Finley-Couch M, Hornung R, Rice C [2012]. Cadmium and lung cancer mortality accounting for simultaneous arsenic exposure. Occup Environ Med 69(5):303-309.
  4. Park J-H, Kreiss K, Cox-Ganser JM [2012]. Rhinosinusitis and mold as risk factors for asthma symptoms in occupants of a water-damaged building. Indoor Air 22(5): 396–404
  5. Luckhaupt SE, Deapen D, Cress R, Schumacher P, Shen R, Calvert GM [2012]. Leukemia among male construction workers in California, 1988 – 2007. Leuk Lymphoma 53(11):2228-2236.
Category: Data Methods and Study Design
  1. Guan J, Hsiao H, Bradtmiller B, Kau T-Y, Reed MR, Jahns SK, Loczi J, Hardee HL, Piamonte DPT [2012]. U.S. Truck Driver Anthropometric Study and Multivariate Anthropometric Models for Cab Designs. Hum Factors not 54(5):849-871.
Category: Laboratory Science
  1. Sargent L, Hubbs AF, Young S-H, Kashon ML, Dinu CZ, Salisbury JL, Benkovic SA, Lowry DT, Murray AR, Kisin ER, Siegrist KJ, Battelli L, Mastovich J, Sturgeon JL, Bunker KL, Shvedova AA, Reynolds SH [2012]. Single-walled carbon nanotube-induced mitotic disruption. Mutat Res 745(1-2):28-37.
  2. Li J, Carr J, Jobes C [2012]. A Shell-Based Magnetic Field Model for Magnetic Proximity Detection Systems. Saf Sci 50(3):463-471.
  3. Ma JY, Mercer RR, Barger M, Schwegler-Berry D,Scabilloni J, Ma JK, Castranova V [2012]. Induction of pulmonary fibrosis by cerium oxide nanoparticles. Toxicol Appl Pharmacol 262(3):255-264.
Category: Prevention and Control
  1. Sammarco J, Gallagher S, Mayton A, Srednicki J [2012]. A visual warning system to reduce struck-by or pinning accidents involving mobile mining equipment. Appl Ergon 43(6):1058-1065.

B. Lifetime Scientific Achievement Award for 2013:

This year, NIOSH is proud to nominate Dr. Al Munson for the Charles C. Shepard Lifetime Scientific Achievement Award. Since joining NIOSH in 1997 to build a new laboratory-based occupational health research division at NIOSH, Dr. Munson's leadership and scientific contributions have significantly enhanced the breadth and quality of science at NIOSH, bringing national and international recognition to NIOSH. Dr. Munson's extraordinary leadership in creating a multidisciplinary approach, and his dedication to quality of science, by the recruitment of top scientists and establishment of rigorous peer review laid the foundations for HELD's scientific success. This success is evidenced by the reputation of HELD scientists throughout the national and international community. Nomination for this prestigious award recognizes not only Dr. Munson's outstanding contribution to occupational safety and health, but also his dedication and commitment to the NIOSH mission.

Previous NIOSH Nominations for the Charles C. Shepard Science Awards

Charles C. Shepard Science Awards recognize excellence in science achievement by CDC authors of outstanding scientific papers in three categories: Assessment and Epidemiology, Prevention and Control, and Laboratory and Methods.


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