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Guidelines for Environmental Infection Control in Health-Care Facilities – report containing recommendations to prevent environment-associated infections in health-care facilities

Norovirus – links to information about noroviruses

Norovirus in Healthcare Settings – information on noroviruses in healthcare facilities

Outbreak Prevention and Response Protocol (OPRP) Guidelines – information for developing OPRP guidelines

Passenger Behaviors During Norovirus Outbreaks on Cruise Ships [PDF - 72 KB] – findings relating to the knowledge, attitudes, and practices of people who are ill with norovirus GI illness compared to those who remained well during an outbreak

Prevent the Spread of Norovirus – CDC feature on norovirus

Responding to Norovirus Outbreaks – information on typical responsibilities in response to an outbreak

The Vessel Sanitation Program – assists the cruise ship industry to prevent and control the introduction, transmission, and spread of gastrointestinal illnesses (GI) on cruise ships

Updated Norovirus Outbreak Management and Disease Prevention Guidelines – review of recent advances in norovirus epidemiology, immunology, diagnostic methods, and infection control

Widespread Outbreak of Norovirus Gastroenteritis Among Evacuees of Hurricane Katrina Residing in a Large “Megashelter” in Houston, Texas: Lessons Learned for Prevention [PDF - 493 KB] – investigation underscoring the difficulties in managing such outbreaks of norovirus gastroenteritis in crowded settings and the need for rapid, sensitive laboratory assays to detect norovirus

Norovirus Outbreaks and Activity - MMWR Articles by Publication Date

Links to information from outside CDC

25- to 30-nm Virus Particle Associated with a Hospital Outbreak of Acute Gastroenteritis With Evidence for Airborne Transmission (PubMed) – abstract about an outbreak of acute, nonbacterial gastroenteritis in a Toronto, Ontario, hospital between November 1 and 22, 1985

A School Outbreak of Norwalk-like Virus: Evidence for Airborne Transmission (PubMed) – abstract about an outbreak of gastroenteritis in a school attended by children aged 4–11 years

Evidence for Airborne Transmission of Norwalk-like Virus (NLV) in a Hotel Restaurant [PDF - 159 KB] (Epidemiology and Infection) – report about an outbreak of gastroenteritis following a meal in a large hotel

Human Enteric Viruses as Causes of Foodborne Disease [PDF - 280 KB] (Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety) – article reviews the agents, transmission routes, epidemiology, persistence, diagnosis, and detection of foodborne viruses and their diseases

Ill Food Worker Educational Campaign (Connecticut Department of Public Health) – multilingual educational materials for food workers, managers, and local health department staff

Nevada Norovirus Summit, 2004 [PDF - 54 KB] (Clark County Health District, Nevada) – presentation about a norovirus training DVD

NoroCORE - Norovirus Collaborative for Outreach, Research, and Education (USDA-NIFA Food Virology Collaborative) – learn how you can protect yourself and others against norovirus and Hepatitis A

Norovirus Gastroenteritis (New England Journal of Medicine) – article on recent research revealing that noroviruses are the leading cause of epidemics of gastroenteritis and an important cause of sporadic gastroenteritis

Norovirus "Hands On" Training [PDF - 95 KB] (Branson Health Department, Missouri) – training scenario of what to do if you suspect an outbreak of norovirus at a water park

Norovirus (Norwalk-like Virus, Small Round Structured Virus/SRSV) (Health Protection Agency, London) – information about norovirus

Norovirus Resources (National Food Service Management Institute) – resources that identify tools needed to communicate the risks associated with norovirus and prevention strategies in school and child care nutrition program settings

Persistent Infectious Agents [PDF - 56 KB] (World Health Organization) – document about infectious agents that have the ability to persist in the environment long enough that an environmental surface (or transmission through air) can lead to transfer indirectly from one person to another readily enough that an outbreak can occur

University Students" Hand Hygiene Practice During a Gastrointestinal Outbreak in Residence: What They Say They Do and What They Actually Do (PubMed) – abstract about a study on student compliance with recommendations during a suspected norovirus outbreak in Canada

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