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Special Grand Rounds

Revitalizing the Environmental Health Services System

December 16, 2002

Guest Speaker: Graham Jukes, Chief Executive, Chartered
Institute of Environmental Health, United Kingdom

Cover Image

Dr. Richard Joseph Jackson, Director, National Center for Environmental Health

Dr. Patrick Meehan, Director
Division of Emergency and Environmental Health Services

The Special Grand Round highlighted the issues, challenges and efforts to revitalize the environmental health services in the United Kingdom and the United States. This presentation provided an international perspective on the topic of revitalization of the environmental health services system. It included interesting data on organization and delivery of these services in the United Kingdom and the recent changes of the field in the European Union.

Presentation topics

  • Introduction - Re-vitalising the Environmental Health Services Systems
  • Chartered Institute of Environmental Health
  • World Summit on Sustainable Development 2002, Johannesburg
  • The European Context
  • The UK Context
  • Food Safety
  • Housing
  • Rural Health
  • Pest Control
  • Port Health
  • Disasters
  • Public Safety and Health
  • Vision for Environmental Health 2012
  • Draft Degree Structure
  • Summary - Re-vitalising the Environmental Health Services Systems
  • Contact Information - Chartered Institute of Environmental Health

CDC’s Goal for Grand Rounds

In Public Health Grand Rounds, the "patient" is defined as the community and the "presenting problem" is defined as a public health issue challenging the community and requiring its informed response. As in medical grand rounds, a panel of specialists will be assembled to provide the most current information related to the case and to assess the problem from their professional perspective, knowledge and experience. The goal of Public Health Grand Rounds is to promote a leadership-level national dialogue on public health issues of strategic significance.  Top of Page