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NVEAIS Participation

CDC will grant states and localities access to NVEAIS when they have completed these steps.

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States that want to participate in NVEAIS should commit to conducting environmental assessments during foodborne illness outbreak investigations. They should identify one administrator (someone who is knowledgeable about food safety and foodborne illness outbreaks in their state). The administrator will identify the data collectors who need access. There is no limit to the number of data collectors in a state, but all must be knowledgeable in conducting foodborne illness outbreak environmental assessments.

The administrator should complete the two NVEAIS registration forms and email them to to start the registration process:

CDC will follow up with the administrator once forms have been received to complete the registration process.

While not required, CDC also highly recommends that all data collectors and NVEAIS administrators complete the free e-Learning on Environmental Assessment of Foodborne Illness Outbreaks.


Localities may still choose to participate if their state does not. To participate, local jurisdictions must complete the steps listed above and must also notify their state of their intent to participate.

Data Use

NVEAIS users can download their data at any time.

States and jurisdictions agree to allow CDC to

  • Use NVEAIS data to develop yearly summary reports for participants and the public
  • Use NVEAIS data to test hypotheses, identify trends, and analyze data to develop information for decision makers


Email with questions.

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