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Funded Injury Control Research Centers (ICRCs)

University of Pittsburgh

Hank Weiss, Ph.D.
University of Pittsburgh
200 Lothrop Street, Suite B400
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15213
Phone: 412-648-2600
Fax: 412-648-8924


The University of Pittsburgh Center for Injury Research and Control (CIRCL) is a comprehensive, broad-based program that provides for injury-related prevention, acute care, and rehabilitation services through its extensive collaboration with four schools and twelve departments within the University. The unifying theme of the Center is "Head and Spinal Cord Injuries: Prevention, Acute Care and Rehabilitation." This theme was selected to take advantage of the expertise of the Center Director and core faculty collaborating on the proposal. The Center remains committed to addressing the recommendations as listed in the publication "Injury Control in the 1990s: A National Plan for Action." In addition, the Center is committed to intervention-oriented applied research and the maintenance of collaborative projects with community organizations that can facilitate the application of research findings to the general public.

The long-term goal of the Center is to reduce the incidence of traumatic brain injury (TBI) and spinal cord injury (SCI) through effective prevention programs, reduce the disability caused by these injuries through effective acute care programs, and improve the quality of survival for these individuals through rehabilitation programs. To accomplish these goals, the Center is organized into four cores:

The Injury Prevention Core collaborates with other community hospitals in providing comprehensive head injury and SCI prevention programs to local schools (THINKFIRST Program). This core also collaborates with the Community Empowerment Association (CEA) on a project that will attempt to change patterns of violence within the family,

The Acute Care Core evaluates the efficacy of pharmacologic intervention for central nervous system (CNS) stimulation following TBI and investigates the potential mechanisms of action of those drugs.

The Rehabilitation/Engineering Core investigates wheelchair biomechanics and design, and through this work will attempt to reduce the incidence of injuries and discomfort suffered by individuals with SCI.

The Service Core disseminates of findings to other injury control centers, researchers interested in head injury and SCI, and the public through extensive Website and Internet projects. The "Capture/Recapture" injury surveillance methodology, originally developed by Center investigators, will be used to provide an accurate assessment of the incidence of head injury and SCI in the region.