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Awarded New Investigator/Doctoral Dissertation Grant

Control and Quantitation of Pulmonary Contusion

FOA Number: CE05-021 - Grants for New Investigator Training Awards
Project Period: 9/30/05-9/29/06
Application/Grant Number: 1-R49-CE000664-01
Principal Investigator: Joel Stitzel, BS, MS, PhD
Wake Forest University Health Sciences
Medical Center Boulevard
Winston-Salem, NC 27157


More than two-thirds of patients presenting to the emergency room for surgery have sustained a pulmonary contusion. An adult or child with a pulmonary contusion experiences different outcomes. Yet even among normal adults, pulmonary contusion is clinically and biomechanically one of the least understood injuries resulting from blunt trauma.

Researchers propose to develop a model that will control pulmonary contusion in the lung; quantitate pulmonary contusion in the lung; and will formulate finite element injury metrics of pulmonary contusion. The study population is male Wistar rats, for which a pulmonary contusion injury model exists, but is not well developed. A multidisciplinary team will gather clinical and biological data related to pulmonary contusion. New engineering data will be used. Biomechanically, the model will be helpful for developing interventions to protect motor vehicle occupants, children involved in falls, etc. from sustaining a pulmonary contusion. Clinically, the model will be useful for evaluating treatment strategies in the acute care setting. The model will allow for a quantifiable control and measurement of pulmonary contusion injury.