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Awarded New Investigator/Doctoral Dissertation Grant

Relation of Identity and Aggression Among Latino Adolescents

FOA Number: CE05-025 - Grants for Dissertation Awards
Project Period: 9/01/05 -8/31/06
Application/Grant Number: 1-R49-CE000547-01
Principal Investigator: Tia Kim, MA
University of California
Dept. of Psychology
Riverside, CA 92521-0217


Since most violent offenses occur in adolescence, the proposed project will determine what augments or decreases risk for aggression and violence during this developmental stage. Developing a coherent identity is one of the defining life tasks of adolescence; however, this can be a complex issue that is affected by various individual and contextual supports. This study will examine the relationship of identity development and aggression among Latino adolescents.

Researchers will explore the evolving and reciprocal relationship between personal, social, and ethnic identity and aggression, and whether these are moderated by gender; whether the relationship between personal, social, and ethnic identity and aggression is moderated by stage of identity development; and they will determine the relationship between resolution of psychological stages, identity confusion, and aggression, and whether they are moderated by gender. A sample of approximately 300 low-income Latino high school students will be used for this study. Survey data will be collected at two time points and SEM will be used to examine each of its specific aims. Results can inform us about the identity processes that may lead to youth violence and aggression. With this knowledge, appropriate interventions based on identity development can be created for Latino adolescents.