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Awarded Cooperative Agreement to Prevent Violence and Violence-Related Injury

Raices Nuevas: Intimate Partner Violence Prevention for Latino Men

FOA Number: CE05-017 - Intervention and Evaluation Trials to Prevent Intimate Partner Violence
Project Period: 9/01/05-8/31/09
Application/Grant Number: 1-U49-CE000508-01
Principal Investigator: J. Ricardo Guzman, MSW, MPH
Communtiy Health and Social Services Center
5635 West Fort Street
Detroit, MI 48209


Intimate partner violence (IPV) is a public health priority. Traditional responses to IPV have centered on screening, treatment, and rehabilitation. While important, there has not been equal focus on IPV prevention, especially among men. This study will bridge the gap by testing the efficacy of a culturally-tailored and theory-driven primary IPV prevention intervention with Spanish-speaking Latino men.

Investigators will examine whether IPV prevention is associated with increased intentions to abstain from IPV and decreased self-reported use of violence against intimate partners at 3 and 6 months as compared with the control group; whether the effects of the intervention are moderated by individual, microsystem, and macrosystem variables; and will identify theory-based variables that mediate effects of the IPV prevention intervention on self-reported behavior of IPV against intimate partners. In a randomized controlled trial, Spanish-speaking Latino men will be recruited from community church settings and randomly assigned to: (a) an IPV prevention intervention, or (b) a wait-list control condition. Those assigned to the intervention will receive, in a small group setting, an eight-session, primary IPV prevention based on the Duluth model and tailored for Spanish-speaking, Latino men. The results of this study will increase the knowledge base of (intimate) partner violence through empirical testing of the efficacy of a culturally-tailored primary IPV prevention intervention among at-risk and under-served Latino men.