Chapter 3. Infant Feeding

Table 3.67. Percent of mothers who used each method to express milk by infant age1, among mothers who stopped using the pump that hurt them at each age

Infant Feeding Practices Study II

Method used to pump or express milk Months 0-2 Months 3-5 Months 6-7
I changed to a different type of pump (for example, from manual to battery operated) 11.3 18.1 13.9
I changed to a different style of pump of the same type (for example, from one brand or style of electric pump to a different electric pump) 6.7 19.1 13.9
I changed to a new pump that was just like the one that hurt me or that I had trouble with 2.8 6.4 5.6
I stopped using a pump to express milk 14.1 17.0 16.7
I stopped expressing milk 35.9 42.6 52.8
N 496 94 36

1Table is based on variables: M2D31, M5D30, M7D30