Chapter 3. Infant Feeding

Table 3.57. Percent of mothers who learned how to use the breast pump they used most often in each way by infant age1,2, among mothers who used a pump at each age

Infant Feeding Practices Study II

How mothers learned to use their main breast pump Months 0-2 Months 3-5 Months 6-7
I read the printed directions that came with the pump 71.9 74.8 75.4
I got instructions for the pump from the internet 2.2 2.8 2.9
I watched a video about how to use the pump 1.6 1.7 1.9
A lactation consultant, WIC staff, nurse, or doctor showed me how to use it 19.3 18.6 16.1
A friend, relative, sales clerk, or other person showed me how to use it 12.3 10.8 12.8
I figured it out without directions or being shown how 15.8 16.8 18.0
N 1,732 937 577

1Table is based on variables: M2D21A-F, M5D20A-F, M7D20A-F
2Column percentages do not add up to 100% because mothers could choose all that apply