Chapter 3. Infant Feeding

Table 3.26. Percent of mothers indicating each reason for feeding their babies solid food for the very first time1,2,3, among babies fed solid food

Infant Feeding Practices Study II

Reason for giving solid food for the very first time:3 Percent
My baby was nursing too much 16.0
My baby was drinking too much formula 24.6
My baby seemed hungry a lot of the time 69.3
I didn't have enough milk 19.2
My baby was not gaining enough weight 16.1
I wanted to feed my baby something in addition to breast milk or formula 74.4
It would help my baby sleep longer at night 48.0
My baby was old enough to begin eating solid food 94.7
My baby had a medical condition that might be helped by feeding solid food 10.5
A doctor or other health professional said my baby should begin eating solid foods 67.9
Friends or relatives said my baby should begin eating solid foods 24.0
My baby wanted food I ate or in other ways showed an interest in solid food 84.0
N 2,177

1Table is based on variables: M5A21A-L, M9A21A-L
2Column percentages do not add up to 100% because mothers could choose all that apply
3 Percentages shown are those that indicated reason was 'Somewhat important' or 'Very important'