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SMART Objectives

Achievable and Realistic

To determine whether an objective is Achievable or Realistic, you should review the entire workplan.

An objective is Achievable if it can be realistically accomplished and resources are sufficient for its
associated activities.

An objective is Realistic if it is within the program's scope and its associated activities are reasonable programmatic steps.

Achievable and Realistic Questions

Use the following questions to assess whether your objectives are Achievable and Realistic as you review your workplan:


  1. Can the objectives be realistically accomplished, given current resources and constraints?
  2. Do activities associated with other objectives take too many resources?
  3. Is the overall budget sufficient?


  1. Does the objective address the scope of the health program?
  2. Given the scope of the program workplan, does the objective propose reasonable programmatic steps?
Example Workplan [pdf 319K]
This workplan contains example five-year program goals as well as objectives.


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