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Division of Adolescent and School Health — Indicators for School Health Programs Tutorial
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Putting It All Together

Test Your Knowledge

Activity: Putting It All Together
Test Your Knowledge — Part 1


Complete the following questions by clicking on the letter below the appropriate answers. A correct! will appear for correct choices and an incorrect! will appear for incorrect choices. You will receive an "all correct" symbol once all correct answers have been chosen. There are several required answers for each question!

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This activity is designed to identify gaps in your understanding of how to use the Indicators for program evaluation.

  1. The Indicators work mainly with this program planning tool to assist with your process evaluation efforts. Correct answer is workplans.
  2. You will need to track the following three specific categories of information to determine who you "reach" with your program efforts. Correct answers are name and type of organization; topic covered by program effort; and activity-type covered by program effort.
  3. These three parts of your workplan may intersect with the Indicators. Correct answers are objectives, measures of accomplishment, and data sources.
  4. To track the data requested on the Indicators, you may need to use any or all of the following four tools. Correct answers are databases, TA logs, distribution logs, and PD event registration forms.
  5. These are the four main activity-types that the Indicators are designed to track. Correct answers are distribution of materials, technical assistance, PD events, and development of materials.
  6. In order to ensure the accurate recording, tracking, aggregating, and reporting of Indicators data, you should consider the following four things. Correct answers are: identify one lead person to be responsible; develop procedures for data entry and management; standardize data entry; and document procedures and train personnel.


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