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Division of Adolescent and School Health — Indicators for School Health Programs Tutorial
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Data Submission

Web-based or Paper

How do I submit my Indicator data to CDC?

The Indicators for School Health Programs are submitted to CDC using either paper-pencil forms or the Web-based program developed by CDC.

It is preferable that DASH funded partners submit their data using the Web-based system, if possible, because it will

If it is not possible to submit your Indicators data online, you may complete the Indicators questionnaire by hand and mail it in.

Accessing the Web-based DASH Indicators for School Health Programs site:

Each site can access their Indicators by logging into the web-based system (username and password are required). Go to the Data Submission Resources section of the Indicators web page to access the web based system. The Web-based program allows you to

When is the Indicator report due to CDC?

All LEA and SEA/TEA/TG partners funded for HIV prevention, CSHP, and asthma management are required to submit Indicators data.

The Indicator report should be submitted to CDC DASH by June 1st of each year (90 days after the end of each program year).


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