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Division of Adolescent and School Health — Indicators for School Health Programs Tutorial
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Making Connections

Assessing Which Indicators to Use

You will need to identify applicable Indicators for the program objectives, measures for accomplishing objectives, and data sources identified in your workplan.

Workplan Components
The Indicators
School Level Impact Measures
Five-year goals
Rationale for objectives
Measures for accomplishing objectives
Data sources to measure objectives
People responsible (for accomplishing objectives and gathering data)
People responsible (for activities)
Activity timeline


How do I determine which Indicators questions pertain to our program?

To identify pertinent Indicators questions, follow the steps below.

  1. Review each objective listed in your workplan and, where possible, match these to Indicators questions in the appropriate DASH Indicators for School Health Programs questionnaire.
  2. Not every objective will have a relevant Indicators question. Also, there may be more than one Indicators question that can measure the progress of one specific objective.
  3. Identify potential data sources to gather the necessary data to measure all of the relevant Indicators questions identified in your workplan and logic model.
  • You, as a DASH-funded agency, are responsible for accounting for DASH funds, and the Indicators are a major data source for this task.
  • Workplan measures of accomplishment are quantifiable criteria that describe how you know if you have succeeded in accomplishing an objective. To the extent possible, measures of accomplishment should be aligned with and measured by the DASH Indicators for School Health Programs or other performance measures.



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