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Division of Adolescent and School Health — Indicators for School Health Programs Tutorial
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Indicators for School Health Programs Tutorial


Wouldn't it be nice if you had a set of measures that would enable you to track your program's progress over time?

This tutorial will provide you with information and resources on the entire process of collecting, recording, aggregating, and reporting data for the DASH Indicators for School Health Programs (Indicators). In addition, information will be provided to assist you with aligning the Indicators with other elements of your program, such as the program workplan.

This tutorial can serve as a real-time job aid that you can refer back to when needed.

What will you see within this tutorial?

Learning Objectives

How long will this tutorial take?
You will need at least 45 minutes to complete this tutorial. However, since this tutorial is designed so you can work at your own pace, moving through the tutorial in a step-by-step manner or choosing only certain topics from the Main Menu could take more or less time depending on your needs.

Note: Simply roll your mouse over any underlined word and the definition will pop up. You can also view the full list of defined terms by clicking on the glossary icon on the top right hand corner of the page.

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