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The online SHI allows you to log in, create your SHI, complete self-assessment questions, and create a plan for improvement through online forms. The system saves all your data for you, and multiple team members can log on at the same time.

Privacy Information

The general CDC Privacy Policy governs the collection of personal information through the Internet.

Reference Number

Access to the SHI requires a CDC system-generated Reference Number. New users should complete information required to register a new team, after which a Reference Number will be sent by automated e-mail response. Access your team SHI assessment using your assigned Reference Number. Upon entering your SHI, you should update your team information to ensure access to your Reference Number in the future, should it be lost or misplaced during personnel transitions. To update this information, go to the My SHI Options located on your SHI home page and open Edit Team Information. If you lose your Reference Number, click on Forgot your reference number? to retrieve it. You will need to provide your state, district ID, school ID, team name and email address. The system can help you search for your district ID, school ID, and team name if needed.

Storage of online SHI data

The Reference Number allows your school to store and retrieve your online SHI data. The data you enter is stored at and owned by CDC, and may be subject to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. However, CDC does not monitor school data except in cases of data issues.

Because school teams can have multiple users sharing a Reference Number, it is each school's responsibility to monitor its online SHI data and notify CDC of any abuse to the data.

While CDC makes reasonable efforts to maintain the confidentiality of online SHI data, we cannot guarantee the security of these data. Therefore, please refrain from entering confidential information.

CDC does not endorse online SHI data, nor does CDC take responsibility for assigning access to it. Responsibility for assuring the quality of online SHI data, and for deciding who has access to it, remains with your school. Therefore, schools that create online SHIs should be careful to assess the accuracy and appropriateness of their data before entering it into the online SHI, and should be careful about assigning access rights to team members. It is recommended that your school change the team Reference Number when a team member leaves the team.

Use of E-mail

The E-mail address that you provide during the registration process is used to send information to you when you request it. For example, if you forget your Reference Number, you can request that it be sent to the E-mail address. You may also receive an E-mail when new editions of the SHI are published.

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Before You Begin

Team collaboration

Completing the SHI should be a group effort. This brings objectivity and creativity to the process. It is recommended that more than one individual be assigned to each module. Multiple team members can log into the SHI at the same time. However, if several people are simultaneously working on the same module, only the most recent entries will be saved. Team collaboration is therefore highly recommended to guard against loss of data.

It's Your SHI

The SHI is a self-assessment tool that can be used as a planning guide for improvement, and there is no single way to implement it. Feel free to explore and utilize the SHI in any way that suits your school's needs. The scorecards should be used only for recognizing the strengths and weaknesses of your school and for planning for improvement. They should not be used as a yardstick for measuring success or failure or for comparing schools.

For more information, see the School Health Index FAQs page.

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