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Apply for Recognition

CDC welcomes organizations with the capacity to deliver a lifestyle intervention that meets CDC’s Diabetes Prevention Recognition Program Standards and Operating Procedures (DPRP Standards), to apply for recognition.  

Before you apply, we encourage you to carefully read the DPRP Standards [PDF-727KB] to ensure that you have a thorough understanding of the requirements. You should also complete the Capacity Assessment [PDF-58.4KB] to help you decide if your organization has the resources to start and maintain a lifestyle program that meets the requirements for full recognition.

If you have any questions about your application or the recognition program, please send an email to

Terms and Conditions of Use of Curricula Derived from the Original DPP

Use of the CDC DPP Curriculum must be properly attributed and credited with the following copyright credit line: © 2012, University of Pittsburgh, based on the DPP research trial supported by cooperative agreement number U01-DK48489 from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, which has certain rights in the material.

With proper attribution and credit the CDC DPP Curriculum, Plan Forward, Group Lifestyle Balance,™ as well as curricula specifically derived from the original DPP, may be used as follows without further permission or license from the University of Pittsburgh:

  1. Non-profit research and non-commercial education purposes;
  2. Charging a fee solely for cost recovery of materials and operations related to delivery of the curriculums listed directly above in this section (Section 3);
  3. Use of the curricula described directly above for the purpose of third- party reimbursement so long as no profit is made on this specific effort by the party delivering the lifestyle change intervention or administering these curricula as it is described above, for third- party reimbursement.

Conditions in which usage of the CDC DPP Curriculum requires obtaining written permission and/or license from the University of Pittsburgh:

  1. For-profit research or for-profit education activities; and
  2. Sale or use of the CDC DPP Curriculum for any commercial purpose other than as described above.

Use of the CDC DPP Curriculum for commercial purposes, other than as described above, is prohibited without the further written permission and/or license of the University of Pittsburgh. For further information on commercial use of the CDC DPP Curriculum, contact the University of Pittsburgh's Office of Technology Management at 412-648-2206.

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