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National Suicide Statistics at a Glance

Suicide Rates* Among Persons Ages 10 Years and Older, by Race/Ethnicity, United States, 2005–2009

Race/Ethnicity: Asian/PI** Number of deaths: 4,169 Rate per 100,000: 6.55Race/Ethnicity: AI/AK Native** Number of deaths: 1,914 Rate per 100,000: 17.48Race/Ethnicity: Hispanic Number of deaths: 11,742 Rate per 100,000: 7.20Race/Ethnicity: Non-Hispanic Black Number of deaths: 9,864 Rate per 100,000: 6.14Race/Ethnicity: Non-Hispanic White Number of deaths: 145,226 Rate per 100,000: 15.99
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During 2005–2009, the highest suicide rates were among American Indian/Alaskan Natives with 17.48 suicides per 100,000 and Non-Hispanic Whites with 15.99 suicides per 100,000.

Footnote: *All rates are age-adjusted to the standard 2000 population. Rates based on less than 20 deaths are not shown as they are statistically unreliable. ** AI/AK Native: American Indian/Alaskan Native, PI: Pacific Islander

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