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Real Stories from People living with Hearing Loss

Amy's Story

Photo: One of Amy's Twins who has a Hearing Loss

"I'm honored to share my family's experience with hearing loss. I am the mother of twins, David and Elyssa, who were born extremely early. One of the consequences of their prematurity is that both my children have permanent hearing loss.

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Krista's Story

Photo: One of Amy's Twins who has a Hearing Loss

“When I was 17 years old, I lost all of my hearing in one ear. I learned that I had a genetic syndrome that caused tumors to grow on my hearing nerves. And I learned that someday I would become completely deaf in the other ear. I was devastated and frightened. I grew up with full hearing and didn't know anyone who was deaf. I couldn't imagine the world without sound. A few years later, a friend told me about a remarkable new technology called an alpha pager, a pager that could receive a message sent via a live operator. I was excited to think that someday this technology could help me.

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