About VTrckS

The Vaccine Tracking System (VTrckS), a critical component of the Vaccine Management Business Improvement Project (VMBIP), is a secure, web-based information technology system that integrates the entire publicly-funded vaccine supply chain from purchasing and ordering through distribution to participating state, local, and territorial health departments (referred to as ‘awardees’) and health care providers. VTrckS was launched at four pilot awardee sites in December 2010; the phased roll-out of the system to all 64 awardees was completed in May 2013.

VTrckS allows health care providers to input their vaccine requests (orders) online, thereby improving efficiency and accountability of public dollars. The system evaluates vaccine orders against specific guidelines set by awardees and the CDC. Most awardees are submitting orders via an external information system (ExIS), such as their state immunization information system (IIS), but some awardees have enrolled and trained their providers to submit orders directly into VTrckS.

Benefits to Awardees
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VTrckS dramatically reduces awardees’ need for manual processes and data entry, and also enables improved visibility into order status, shipment status, and provider inventory.

The Importance of VTrckS

VTrckS is integral to supporting current and future requirements for effectively managing and distributing publicly-funded vaccines. The previous technology infrastructure was composed of multiple stand-alone systems developed during the 1990s. As the Vaccines for Children (VFC) and related programs have grown over the past 20 years, the technology needs associated with managing these programs expanded greatly in terms of both scale and complexity. By enabling significant improvements in vaccine order tracking, inventory visibility, fiscal and dosage accountability, and safety response capability at the federal, state, and local levels, the transition to VTrckS represents a crucial enhancement to our nation’s ability to respond to public health crises.

Benefits to Health Care Providers
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VTrckS reduces providers’ administrative costs and enables increased order accuracy through the ability to place and track orders online.