NIIW: Keep the Momentum Going

7 Ways to Keep the Momentum Generated from NIIW 2019 Going

  1. Thank your planning committee and volunteers and provide them a NIIW certificate of appreciation.
  2. Evaluate your efforts and compile lessons learned. Convene NIIW planners to brainstorm what went well and what can be improved upon for future events. Consider crafting a best practices document that can help guide your year-round immunization efforts and your planning for NIIW next year. Refer to the Evaluate Activities document.
  3. Set a date to brainstorm new activities and ideas for your immunization program with staff, partners, and volunteers. One of the best ways to generate new ideas is to harness the creativity that came out of your NIIW efforts, and follow up on the ideas generated during your activities and generate more.
  4. Invite new partners from your NIIW activities to the brainstorming session and keep them engaged in your immunization efforts throughout the year. For ideas, see the Build Partnerships document.
  5. Continue to foster and develop community and state immunization champions. Plan to recognize the hard work of your champions through the CDC Childhood Immunization Champion Awards in 2020.
  6. In your year-round infant immunization efforts, use the resources targeted for parents, healthcare providers and partners.
  7. Start planning for NIIW 2020! New resources will be added to the website for next year, so sign up to get email updates on the NIIW web page.