PRAMS Publications

MMWR and Other PRAMS Publications

The list below includes PRAMS–related journal publications from 2006 to present, including MMWRs, authored by CDC’s Division of Reproductive Health. These publications are only a few of the scientific and technical materials available.

To see other PRAMS publications, we recommend using the resources of the National Library of Medicine’s PubMed serviceexternal icon. PubMed is a searchable database that provides abstracts of biomedical articles and reports. You may also be able to obtain full text articles (some services may require subscriptions to view full text articles). If you are seeking less technical information, please use the National Library of Medicine’s MedlinePlus, which offers a wide range of information on diseases, disorders, treatments, drugs, and preventive services.

Highlighted Publications

Hirai, AH., Kortsmit, K., Kaplan, L., Reiney, E., Warner, L., Parks, S.E., Perkins, M., Koso-Thomas, M., D’Angelo, D.V., Shapiro-Mendoza, C.K. Prevalence and Factors Associated With Safe Infant Sleep Practicesexternal icon. Pediatrics November 2019, 144 (5) e20191286.

D’Angelo, D. V., Bauman, B. L., Broussard, C. S., Tong, V. T., Ko, J. Y., Kapaya, M., . . . Ahluwalia, I. B. (2019). Prevalence and maternal characteristics associated with receipt of prenatal care provider counseling about medications safe to take during pregnancyexternal icon. Prev Med, 126, 105743.

Garfield, C. F., Simon, C. D., Harrison, L., Besera, G., Kapaya, M., Pazol, K., . . . Warner, L. (2018). Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System for Dads: Public Health Surveillance of New Fathers in the Perinatal Periodexternal icon. Am J Public Health, 108(10), 1314-1315.

Kapaya, M., Boulet, S. L., Warner, L., Harrison, L., & Fowler, D. (2019). Intimate Partner Violence Before and During Pregnancy, and Prenatal Counseling Among Women with a Recent Live Birth, United States, 2009-2015external icon. J Womens Health (Larchmt).

Kortsmit, K., Williams, L., Pazol, K., Smith, R. A., Whiteman, M., Barfield, W., . . . Warner, L. (2019). Condom Use With Long-Acting Reversible Contraception vs Non-Long-Acting Reversible Contraception Hormonal Methods Among Postpartum Adolescentsexternal icon. JAMA Pediatr, 173(7), 663-670.