Mpox Vaccine Administration U.S. Map

Beginning February 1, 2023, the data below will be updated every two weeks.


  • CDC reports mpox vaccination administration data online based on data reported to the CDC by U.S. jurisdictions. Timely and accurate reporting from jurisdictions drives the information reported by CDC. All reported numbers may change over time as updated data are reported to CDC by jurisdictions.
  • Mpox vaccination administration data shown on this webpage typically reflect a lag time from vaccination data shown on a jurisdiction’s website. Lag time varies for each jurisdiction.


  • Data will be updated after review and verification, based on data reported to CDC as of every other Tuesday at 4:00 am Eastern Time. Vaccination data on this webpage are updated every two weeks on Wednesdays, generally after 2:00 pm Eastern Time. Updates may be delayed due to delays in reporting (generally due to holidays).

Total Vaccine Doses Administered:

  • These data represent the total number of doses administered by and within each jurisdiction. Doses administered by each jurisdiction may include people who live inside the jurisdiction and people who live outside the jurisdiction. The number of doses includes first and second doses administered and does not equal the number of people vaccinated.
  • The total number of doses administered by each jurisdiction is partially dependent on the allocation of vaccines to each jurisdiction. Vaccine was allocated to jurisdictions based on cases reported and the at-risk population in each jurisdiction. Information about the amount of vaccine allocated and shipped to each jurisdiction is posted on
  • As of September 27, 2022, CDC identifies duplicate vaccine dose administrations by deriving a dose number based on data reported by jurisdictions. Doses identified as duplicates are not included in the total dose numbers shown here.
  • New York City vaccine administration data include only those doses for which vaccine recipients have consented to have their data entered into the New York City immunization information system.