PHINMS Support

At a glance

Configuration and implementation support is available for CDC affiliated programs and to Public Health partners sending or receiving data from the CDC, or exchanging data among themselves using PHINMS. Partners requesting the PHIN Messaging System (PHINMS) application or needed assistance should contact the PHINMS Help Desk.


The PHIN Help Desk is available to assist users with questions about PHINMS. Contact the PHIN Help Desk regarding any issues encountered by sending an email to or calling 1-800-532-9929 option 2.

Online help is available in addition to the PHINMS Documentation, Quick Steps, and FAQs. A search feature is provided to find specific topics.

Requests for additional information, Quick Steps, and FAQs can be communicated by sending a request to PHIN Help Desk. Our goal is to provide excellent customer service and provide the resources and materials to assist with the installation and use of PHINMS.