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Upon accessing the PE Fellowship or PE Fellowship Analytics and Modeling Track Online Application, please note your options for requesting assistance in the event you have general fellowship questions or technical issues while completing your application. To avoid delay in assistance, please use the instructions below.

  • PE Fellowship Analytics and Modeling Track QUESTIONS: For PE Fellowship Analytics and Modeling Track specific questions, please send an email to
  • TECHNICAL SUPPORT: To address a system issue, edit a previously submitted application (request reset to draft), withdraw your application, or seek help for other technical issues, please submit a System Help Desk Ticket. Clicking “System Help Desk Ticket” takes you to the CDC Enterprise Fellowship Management System Help Desk Ticket screen.
    • Provide your name, sign-in email, contact phone number (optional), and fellowship for which you are applying.
    • Please indicate the type of issue:
      • System Error Message
      • Sign-In or Password
      • Smart Card Sign-In
      • Data Not Saving
      • Unable to Submit
      • Reset application back to “Draft”
      • Withdraw Fellowship Application
      • Other
    • Copy and paste the URL of the page where you experienced the issue
    • Enter the error code or message you received
    • Describe your issue or need
    • Upload a screenshot of the error issue (optional but very helpful)
    • Submit your request
  • General Application Instructions Be sure to read all the instructions before beginning the application process. First time applicants must register before logging in. See “Register” below for more information.
  • If copying and pasting information, use only the following characters:
    • Letters in the English alphabet (a-z, A-Z)
    • Numbers 0-9
    • Special characters: – @! # _ * . , ? ’ : ; & ( ) / $ % + = “
  • Complete all sections of the application. Fields marked with an * are required.
  • You may print while viewing the application.
  • Save your entries for each section. Once saved, you can view and/or edit entries.
  • Applications must be submitted on or before the submission deadline to be considered.
  • NOTE: Once submitted, you cannot make changes to your application unless you submit a System Help Desk Ticket and request your application be reset to “Draft”. The link to our Help Desk is provided in the online application for your convenience.
  • To return to a previous screen, scroll to the top of the screen and click “Close”.

Steps to Apply to PE Fellowship or Analytics and Modeling Track