Summary of Prevention Effectiveness (PE) Fellowship Competencies

The PE Fellowship is a competency-based program. Competencies provide the framework for trainings, assignments, and activities fellows participate in while in the program and describing what the fellow should be able to do upon completion of the fellowship. The competencies are also at the core of the planning and evaluation process for the PE Fellowship. They will continue to evolve in order to meet the expanding mission of CDC and public health.

The PE Fellowship’s total program requirements are based upon competencies and encompass both performance requirements and didactic requirements. Training for the PE Fellowship is categorized into one of five domains identified through an inclusive, systematic process. The PE Fellowship domains and competencies are summarized below.

Analysis and Assessment Domain

This domain addresses competencies that:

  • Explain prevention effectiveness research methods and use data in support of prevention effectiveness research.
    • Prevention effectiveness research – economic analysis, health services research, policy analysis, operations research
  • Conduct prevention effectiveness research of, or to inform, public health programs, policies, or problems and explain epidemiology methods, studies and investigations.

Foundations for Leadership Domain

This domain addresses competencies that:

  • Demonstrate self-awareness, self-management strategies, collaboration with others, effective action and organizational strategiesto accomplish job duties

Interpersonal and Professional Communication Skills Domain

This domain addresses competencies that:

  • Address communicating public health information with individuals and groups
  • Address the application of communication strategies and interpersonal skills in interactions with individuals and groups

Policy Analysis Domain

This domain addresses competencies that:

  • Describe the public health policy assessment and development process
  • Articulate public health policy recommendations

Public Health Science and Practice Domain

This domain addresses competencies that describe:

  • Basic public health science and practice
  • The responsibility of governmental and non-governmental entities in public health science and practice