Prepare Application Information

Steps to Apply to PE Fellowship or Analytics and Modeling Track

The following documents are required as part of the application process:

Graduate and Undergraduate Transcripts

The PE Fellowship and Public Health Analytics and Modeling Track application process allows you to upload all graduate and undergraduate transcripts in pdf format to your online application. These uploaded transcripts are considered unofficial. If selected for the PE Fellowship or Modeling Track, you must request the university registrar/recorder of records to provide official graduate and undergraduate transcripts for the qualifying PhD. To prepare for the application process:

  • Collect transcripts for all undergraduate work and graduate work (in progress and completed).
  • Save your transcripts in pdf format in preparation for uploading to your online application. When entering educational information, you must upload your transcripts at that time in order to save the educational information.
  • If transcripts are not issued by a U.S. institution:
  • Submit other proof of degree completion (certified copy of diploma).
  • Translate other proof of degree completion into English.
  • Do NOT include high school transcripts in your application.
  • Before final submission of your application, all transcripts must be uploaded (in pdf format) to your application account.
  • Original documents mailed to us will not be returned.

Letters of Recommendation

A minimum of three Letters of Recommendation are required, however you may submit a maximum of five letters if desired. Two of the letters must be from recommenders that are non-CDC employees. You must provide the names and email addresses of recommenders, such as faculty members, supervisors, or colleagues to write a letter of recommendation. Select individuals familiar with your achievements, aspirations, and personal qualities that distinguish you as a good candidate for the PE Fellowship or Modeling Track. Gather the following contact information for recommenders in advance of starting the online application process:

  • Name
  • Organization
  • Title
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Relationship to you

Letters must be:

  • Specific to the PE Fellowship application or the Modeling Track application
  • Dated within 6 months of the application
  • Written in English
  • Written on official organization letterhead
  • Signed by the recommender
  • Saved in pdf format